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Course Registration
Registration is available online for both required and elective training classes from a link on this page. If you prefer to print a course registration form and pay by check, click here. To see the list of required courses with their descriptions, and learn which ones are being offered this year, click on "Course Descriptions" in the Analytic Training module on the right. To view information about all courses offered this year, select the desired year or semester below these paragraphs.
Courses are open to MPC members and to non-members; however enrollment is limited and MPC analytic candidates receive priority. Course fees differ for members and non-members. Course fees are lower if you register three or more weeks before the course begins. 
Registration instructions: Find the course you want by clicking on the term it is offered.  Then select your member status and early or regular registration from the drop-down menu below the course description. The fee for the course will adjust. Clicking on the "Add to cart" bar opens a Google checkout window. You next have the option of adding additional courses, membership registration, or going directly to checkout.
If you have questions about the course, contact the instructor directly using the contact information provided in each course description. If you have questions about registration, contact the registrar at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Full Year Courses 2011-12

Fall Semester 2011

Winter Semester 2011-12

Spring Semester 2012