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Meeting of the Board

University Club

East Lansing

October 15, 2006



Present:  S. Boyd, D. Drayson, D. Gartland, R. Hooberman, R, Hutchison, D. Klein, B. Lepisto, R. Liberman, M. Meisels, P. Orosan-Weine, J. Robinson, F. Sollars, L. Tenbusch, E. Toronto, S. Trylch, S. Wasung, J. Wixom, S. Zager,



I.             Secretary’s Report – Diane Gartland.  Last month’s minutes were approved.


II.           President’s Report - David Klein. 


We received a thank you card from Dr. Krystal who is recovering from recent illness.    


Welcome Jean Wixom, new Member-at-Large.


The President’s reception and barbecue which took place Sunday, October 8 from 3 to 6 PM was considered to be a big success.  David expressed his opinion that it would be nice to have such an event every year.  $1000 nicely covered the expenses except for the musicians which the Kleins themselves sponsored.


III.       Treasurer’s Report - Susan Boyd.    Currently, Total MPC Assets are $49,119.55 with $9,808.98 in the Operations Fund, $3,340.64 in the Cunningham Library Fund, and $35,969.93 in the Development Fund.  Susan provided a comparison of Tuition Received for Fall 2005 - $4325.00 and Fall 2006 $5440.00 representing more than a 20% increase in revenue from courses between last year and this year.  Susan reported that she had consulted with the Schwabb financial advisor about investing in Mutual Funds.  Others indicated that there may be as much as a 4.83 % interest which could be earned though discussions with the Schwabb financial advisor would best include inquiry as to fund management fees. 


IV.       Membership - Elizabeth Waiess was absent today.  Current MPC membership is 123 (103 full members, 11 retired/inactive, 10 students).  


V.                 Professional and Community Development – Pamela Oroson-Weine.  Registration for community classes is still poor and some classes will be cancelled.  Brenda Lepisto will cancel her classes.  Pat Marciniak will go ahead with 2 registrants.  Elizabeth Waiess will offer clinical consult to her one enrollee in lieu of class.  Hugh McPherson will go ahead with 4 registrants.  Some registrants expressed an interest in  MPC membership.  These names will be forwarded to Beth Waiess.  Ed Gibeau would like to offer a depression course during a spring weekend for 8 hours of credit.  Robert, representing Education and Training, thought that would be fine as an elective for candidates. 


The committee felt that September may be too early to offer classes and will aim for October and November for registration next year. 


Introduction of PCD classes should include fliers, brochures and membership forms.  Closing of PCD classes would include a course evaluation.  Pam proposed having a business card made up to add to the packet and in order to enhance the professional appearance of promotional materials.  The committee proposed that a new membership packet be developed which might include fliers, brochures, a membership form, a recent newsletter.  David indicated that a copy of the Bulletin might also be included.


The committee wants to begin planning for next year’s PCD courses and a list of professionals who might be interested in teaching in their area of specialization is being generated. 


Pam will have to resign her position as chair due to other pressing professional duties.  There is a need for one or two more members in addition to the chair.  There is a desire to keep the committee relatively small so that telephone meetings could continue.    


VI.              Social Work CEU Committee - Hugh McPherson was absent today.  However, it was commented that meetings count for CEU credits and that a sign up sheet might be circulated for that purpose.   Interest in CEU is slow.  This is being attributed to difficulties at the state level in clarifying for social workers what is expected of them.  Further, although we are listed on the web site for the NASW, we are difficult to find.    


VII.           Education and Training -  Robert Hooberman.  There will be a meeting at Brenda’s house to discuss the proposed curriculum and the results will be brought to the November meeting.  


Suanne Zager and Franklin Sollars discussed briefly the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Program.  Coursework would be located in each of several major areas (cities) so that registrants would not have to go back and forth but could finish their program of study in one city.  The proposal would be to divide the year into theoretical courses during the first part of the year, practical courses during the second part of the year, about 25 hours of supervision, some history of treatment in a psychoanalytic psychotherapy but current engagement in treatment is recommended though not required.  It is also proposed that a coordinator for each geographic location might be helpful. 


Brenda Lespisto is talking to Ira Schaer about having the same or a similar model for the Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  Study Program as it pertains to having the whole program offered in each geographic area.  The Child Psychoanalysis Track is under consideration.


Internet conferencing is also thought to be an option.


Currently there is one applicant and one request for application into candidacy.


Robert reviewed the PEP proposal and indicated that we have until December 1 to decide on the PEP on line.


VIII.        Survey Committee – Ellen Toronto – A copy of the proposed survey was handed out.  There were some objections raised as to the format of the survey, whether some questions should be included, whether it should be more quantitative in style, whether it should be mailed or sent electronically, whether more material on the respondents’ backgrounds should be requested for programming purposes.  A motion was made and seconded that questions #16 and #17 should be omitted.  The motion failed to carry.  A motion was made and seconded that the survey should be sent out without further discussion.  The motion carried. 


IX.              Certification - Ruth Rosenthal.  No Report.


X.                 Programs - Suanne Zager.  We will co-sponsor MSPP Bert Karon presentation on December 10, 2006.  Dr. Karon will present the APA video on treatment of schizophrenia followed by discussion.  MPC will also be on the brochure at no cost to us. 


If there are any people who would like to present in the future or any ideas for conference presenters, please see Sue.   She has been trying to contact Daniel Stern but has been unsuccessful.  There was a question about participating with the MPI visiting professor program and the response was that we will be doing so and the announcement is tabled until a later date.   


Lynne Tenbusch announced that Dr. Lew Aron will be giving an online seminar on Intersubjectivity and the Analytic Third.


XI.              Retreat – Lynne Tenbusch indicated that the retreat dates have been confirmed for June 1, 2 and 3 and that, because of a Friday night fete, we should be able to come out in the black on the affair overall. 


XII.           Candidates’ Report – Ralph Hutchison.  No Report.


XIII.        Newsletter – Sheila Wasung - The deadline for contributions is 11/30.  Articles submitted should be a page to a page and a half long. 


XIV.        Old Business – Reena Liberman brought up a concern about the email group that has been established and whether it is appropriate for on line discussion.  There was some discussion of this concern with some saying that it was not created for this purpose and others indicating that the limited on line discussion of the PEP issue did not give the overall impression of misuse.  The possibility that the issue would need to be revisited in the future remains, particularly if there is a dramatic increase in email traffic.   A suggestion was made to include this issue in the survey that will be distributed among members and there was a general nod of agreement.


XV.           No New Business.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland

Recording Secretary 




Meeting of the Board

University Club

East Lansing

September 17, 2006



Present:  S. Boyd, D. Drayson, D. Gartland, R. Hooberman, R, Hutchison, D. Klein, B. Lepisto, R. Liberman, M. Meisels, H. McPherson, J. Robinson, R. Rosenthal, L. Tenbusch, S. Trylch, E. Waiess, S. Zager,



I.             Secretary’s Report – Diane Gartland.  Last month’s minutes were approved.


II.           President’s Report - David Klein. 


New Appointments:  Diane Gartland replaces Kathy Koepele as    Secretary.  The board extends appreciation to Kathy Koepele for her years of service to MPC in her capacity as secretary. 

Jean Wixom and Scott Trylch replace Karen Baker and Ira Schaer as Members-at-Large.  Pam Orosan-Weine replaces Karen Baker and Michelle Rivette as PCD Committee Chair.

Lynn Tenbusch has been appointed as Retreat Committee Chair.


We received two thank you cards.  One from the family of Judith Zager (mother of Suanne and Rachel Zager) and one from the Frieband family (father of Sonya and father-in-law of David Frieband) for expressions of sympathy sent on behalf of MPC.  It is also noted that Frank Sollars had a death in the family and that several members have had serious illnesses or operations.  Further, it is noted that Sue Zager, Diane Drayson, Susan Boyd and Sheila Wasung have taken the lead in responding on behalf of the Board. 


David brought forth the issue of whether and to what extent condolences or expressions of concern should be forthcoming and who should be involved.  A discussion followed.  A motion was made and carried that the deaths of immediate family members of board members or serious illnesses in board members will be acknowledged with a card and flowers.  Expressions of sympathy for health issues and deaths in the membership at large will be handled on a case by case basis. 


Since the board met in May, the Newsletter was mailed out.  Sheila Wasung and her committee are recognized for the beautiful job that they did. 


Since the board met in May, MPC enjoyed a wonderful Banquet.  Janet Robinson and her committee are recognized for the well done event.


Another contribution to last year’s President’s Kick-off Fundraiser – Jean Wixom contributed $100 bringing the total to $3100.  A thank you note was sent.


The President’s reception and barbecue is set for Sunday, October 8 from 3 to 6 PM.  As previously decided by the Board, the reception would involve both catered and pot luck food.  $1000 from the general fund was allocated for this activity and a sign up sheet for the pot luck was passed around.  David clarified that the reception is open to all members, prospective members and family members. 


The Bulletin of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council, Volume Two is ready to be sent to the printer.  It is 180 pages long (66 pages longer than Volume I) but will cost a bit less because much of the typesetting was done for Volume I and copy editing was considered to be unnecessary.   The cost was found to be $3980.  A motion was made and carried to approve this budget for the printing and issuing of the Bulletin.  A discussion followed concerning the relative merits and objections to a web publishing.  The discussion was tabled to a future time. 


III.       Treasurer’s Report - Susan Boyd.    Currently, Total MPC Assets are $49,415.64 with $8,349.96 in the Operations Fund (as of 9/17/06), $3,403.60 in the Cunningham Library Fund, and $37,662.08 in the Development Fund.  Susan presented a profit and loss comparison for fiscal years 2005-06 compared to 2004-05.  We are doing substantially better at present than we were at this time last year.  Then we were $7,048.49 in the red and we are now $4,014.62 in the black.  The projected break down of expenses and income for the coming year is attached.  Susan predicts that we will break even with big events but that our discretionary funds are very limited and we must be careful.  A discussion ensued about investment income and whether we were investing in the most advantageous funds.  Susan will take this issue under advisement.  A request was made for $750 for the MPC application to the Michigan Social Work Collaborative for approval of MPC courses for CEU credit for social workers. A motion was made and carried that $750 would be allocated for this.


IV.              Membership - Elizabeth Waiess.  Current MPC membership is 123.  It was brought forth that one new member was instrumental in adding the Providence Hospital in Southfield as a meeting place without a fee.  It was mentioned that there are occasions to waive the fee for new members for a year for contributions such as this.  It was noted however, that to publish in the Bulletin an author must be a member.  Beth also indicated that an update to the Membership Directory would be made at the end of January.  New members are:


Howard Lerner, PhD

Gail Vanlangen, PhD

Janice Baker, MSW

Marilyn Frye, PhD

Patricia Gibbs, PhD

Barry Dauphin, PhD

Peggy Burke, PhD

David Castine, MSW


V.                 Professional and Community Development – Reena Liberman representing Pamela Oroson-Weine.  Registration for community classes is poor and several classes may not go.  A brief discussion ensued over possible reasons and Reena indicated that the classes may be offered again even though they might not go the first time they are offered.  Advertising from Hugh McPherson for social workers, Peter Wood on the web and announcements at the Sunday meetings were all gratefully acknowledged as helpful.  The committee is looking at proposals of low fee supervision to professionals in the community by certified analysts and possible supervision groups to augment its work.  Reena also mentioned that the first offering for MPC Cinema Talk will be Separate Lies due for screening on November 10 at WCC from 7-10 PM.  Reena also mentioned that a guest speaker would be scheduled to lead discussions at future screenings.


Reena indicated that she had received a large donation of psychoanalytic journals from a semi-retired bookseller Jeanne Paul and there arose a discussion of where to house the now ever growing collection of books and journals located in several members’ houses.  The discussion was tabled for another time.


VI.              Social Work CEU Committee - Hugh McPherson discussed several options for CEU credits for social workers.   


VII.           Education and Training -  Robert Hooberman indicated that the courses and sign up is being finalized and reviewed the courses and current registration.  He reminded that there is difficulty getting new candidates and proposed two ideas:  having analysts give talks at clinics and having low cost supervision for the community.  Ralph Hutchison mentioned that limited license psychologists would have to actively seek more formalized supervision based on new licensing board requirements.  Robert asked about the PEP CD which gives extensive access to psychoanalytic materials but which could be costly to the membership.  A brief discussion of the relative merits of this access arose and was tabled for further discussion at a later time.


VIII.        Survey Committee – Diane Drayson for Ellen Toronto – Diane handed out copies of a proposed survey which Ellen had drafted.  A brief discussion ensued.  A motion to defer the survey approval in order to integrate feedback from the discussion was made and carried.


IX.              Certification - Ruth Rosenthal.  No Report.


X.                 Programs - Suanne Zager.  No Report.


XI.              Retreat – Lynn Tenbusch indicated that she is in discussions with site personnel.


XII.           Candidates’ Report – Ralph Hutchison.  No Report.


XIII.        Newsletter - The deadline for contributions is 11/30.


XIV.        Old Business – discussed in each category


XV.           No New Business.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Gartland

Recording Secretary 






Meeting of the Board

University Club

East Lansing

May 21, 2006



Present:  P. Orosan-Weine, R. Hooberman, K. Baker, M. Meisels, D. Klein, S. Boyd, H. McPherson, R. Liberman, S. Zager, D. Drayson, I. Schaer, K. Pratt, E. Waiess, F. Sollars, R, Hutchison, J. Robinson, K. Koepele.



I.             Last month’s minutes are to be corrected as follows:  Board Minutes

are to be sent to Board Members, Committee Chairs, and posted on the web site.

         II.           President’s Report:  David Klein.  David expressed his appreciation to

Sheila Wasung, Susan Boyd, and Diane Drayson for their responsiveness in organizing condolences to Sue Zager upon the death of her mother.  David also thanked Pam Orosan-Weine for updating the list serve and for extending a warm welcome to new members. David explained that he had polled Board members relative to K. Baker’s request that MPC support Allen Creek fundraising by taking out an ad in their brochure for Dining for Kids.  The Board voted to place the requested ad.  The President’s Reception will be held on Sunday, October, 8, 2006.  The Board agreed that $1000.00 would be allocated to fund this combination catered/pot luck event.  The Candidates’ Forum will also be held on October 8.  David also thanked the CEU Committee for their continued work.

III.       Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Boyd.    Currently, Total MPC Assets are $51,745.71 with $11,300.98 in the Operations Fund (as of 5/19/06), $3,369.93 in the Cunningham Library Fund, and $37,074.80 in the Development Fund.  Taxes have been completed and have been mailed to Susan.  Liability Insurance paperwork has been submitted; policy is in the mail to Susan; premium will be $950.00  AAPI dues have not been paid; decision pending.  Mutual fund investment remains unchanged.  Susan will prepare an MPC proposed budget and requests that ideas and changes be forwarded to her; this proposed budget will be a helpful guideline for the organization.

IV.       Membership:  Elizabeth Waiess.  Current MPC membership is 116 with one new member.  The New Member Luncheon will follow today’s meeting.

V.                 Professional and Community Development:  Karen Baker and Michelle Rivette.  The PCD Committee has now completed its first year of work.  Planned PCD courses for the coming year will be B. Lepisto, parenting; Ed Gibeau, depression; Elizabeth Waiess and Patricia Marciniak, trauma; Sue Miller, shame and disgust.  The PCD Committee will continue outreach and networking.  The Committee is thinking about how MPC might offer low fee supervision with K. Baker and J. Davies exploring this issue.  PCD supports the CEU Committee and raised various questions needing exploration such as, how will decisions about instructors be made; will instructors be given the choice as to whether to offer their course for CEU credit.  Reena Liberman then gave the Cinema Talk report and requested renewal of last year’s budget for the coming year in which she plans to continue the same Cinema Talk format for one more year.  Motion:  That MPC authorize a $600.00 budget for Cinema Talk for the coming year.  Motion seconded and approved.

VI.              Social Work CEU Committee:  Hugh McPherson and Kay Pratt.  The CEU Committee last met on 5-15-06.  Present were D. Drayson, P. Marciniak, H. McPherson, K. Pratt, K. Sorrell.  The committee was pleased to note that progress was being made toward the committee’s 2nd recommendation (“Any person who has not previously enrolled in any MPC 15 week course would be required to take a foundation course called “Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory & Practice” to be held in one of the three MPC locations.  The Committee will be sending in this application in the hopes that the Collaborative will allow a grace period for the class instructor to be identified.  The Board entertained vigorous discussion about this proposed course and about whether and how it might be differentiated from a candidate course with a similar name.  A Motion was made:  For the coming year or two “Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory & Thought” will be placed under the auspices of the PCD Committee; the course length will be for a maximum of 10 weeks.  Further discussion followed the making of the motion.  Motion seconded and approved.  Further courses will be added to the application as they are in place.  Hugh explained that his Committee is prepared to provide the necessary administration for the record-keeping for the CE credits earned by social workers taking MPC classes and workshops, along with the issuing of certificates of completion required by the Michigan Social Work Collaborative.  Patricia Marciniak has volunteered to take on this responsibility for the committee.  The MPC application to the Michigan Social Work Collaborative for approval of MPC courses for CEU credit for social workers will be submitted the week of 5-26-06.  A cover letter by R. Hooberman, representing MPC, will be included in the packet.  Thanks given to Hugh McPherson and Kay Pratt for their hard work in this arena.

VII.           Education and Training:  Robert Hooberman.  Robert announced that, beginning in the Fall of 2006, MPC Education and Training courses will have a new format; there will be a greater number of courses and the courses will be of shorter duration in number of weeks.  He also stated that the Visiting Professor on Thursday evening, April 8, 2007 will be Mark Solms, M.D.  Robert requested that the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program be removed from the website until this program has been further developed.

VIII.        Certification:  Ruth Rosenthal.  No Report.

IX.              Programs:  Suanne Zager.  Sue announced the schedule for the coming 2006-2007 Program year as follows:  September, Bornstein, East Lansing, October Seminar possibilities continue to be explored with an invitation to consider having been extended to Serena Wieder, Ph.D.  It was decided that a Fall, 2006 Symposium would not be held should Dr. Wieder be not able to consider the invitation; November, Ellen Toronto, Ann Arbor; January, 2007, Bert Karon, East Lansing, February, Jean Wixom, Ann Arbor; March, Elizabeth Waiess, East Lansing, April, Julia Davies, Detroit; May, Michelle Rivette, Ann Arbor; June, Banquet.  If necessary, the Board will meet briefly prior to this year’s June banquet to approve the Fall Symposium speaker.  It was announced that Karen Baker is resigning as coordinator for the MPC brochures.  Thanks given to her for the considerable amount of time she has given developing and implementing the MPC brochure.  Sonya Freiband has volunteered to do the program and course brochures.  Sue indicated that, as Program Chair, she thought it useful and appropriate for her to do the Program brochures during her tenure; this plan will facilitate her being able to proof read the final draft of the brochure.  After discussion, David Klein indicated that Sue will do the program brochures and Sonya, the course brochures.

X.                 Banquet:  Janet Robinson.  Thus far, 22 guests have signed up for the June banquet.  At the banquet, Carol Levin will be certified as an MPC analyst.  Please contact Janet if you wish to be included on the program.

XI.              Candidates’ Report:  Michelle Rivette and Pam Orosan-Weine.  Ralph Hutchison and Pam Orosan-Weine are the new Candidate Representatives to the Board.  Mary Anderson and Sonya Freiband are the current co-presidents of the Candidate Group; they will also represent the candidates at Education and Training meetings.  The Candidate Group is looking for writing mentors.

XII.           Newsletter:  Sheila Wasung.  The Newsletter went to the printer on 5-15-2006 and will soon be mailed.

XIII.        Old Business.  Discussion continues on the creation of new dues paying categories and the designation of an emeritus status.  Other organizations’ practices will be explored.  Current “inactive/out of state” dues are $50.00 per year.

XIV.        No New Business.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen C. Koepele

Recording Secretary 




Meeting of the Board

Kresge Hall

Madonna University

April 30, 2006



Present:  D. Klein, R. Hooberman, H. McPherson, S. Boyd, M. Meisels, R. Rosenthal, S. Wasung, E. Toronto, R. Liberman, I. Schaer, S. Zager, F. Sollars, E. Waiess, P. Orosan-Weine, B. Karon, K. Koepele.



I.                   Minutes for March meeting with Waiess membership correction approved.

II.                President’s Report:  David Klein.  Diane Gartland has accepted the position of MPC Recording Secretary, effective September, 2006.  David expressed his appreciation for the recent programs given by H. Lerner/B. Lepisto and Lew Aron (program arranged by S. Zager, Program Chair).  David noted that the Program Committee is comprised of R. Rosenthal, D. Drayson, E. Waiess, J. Robinson, D. Klein, S. Wasung, F. Sollars and K. Koepele.  Thanks was also given to R. Hooberman for liaison work that resulted in bringing this year’s Visiting Professor, Dorothy Holmes to MPC to speak about prejudice.  Motion:  motion made to send Board Minutes to committee chairs, Board members, Board attendees, and to post on MPC website.  Motion seconded and approved.

III.             Treasurer’s Report:  S. Boyd.  Prior to taxes that are being completed, liability insurance, and AAPI dues, the MPC Treasury is as follows:  Operations fund, $13,565.33, Cunningham Library Fund, $3,369.93, Development Fund, $37,074.80 with Total Assets of $54,010.06.  Susan noted that year income to date has exceeded expenses by $13,331.25 and that this figure represents an improvement of approximately $13,500.00 over finances at this same time one year ago when there was an income/expense deficit of $518.00.  It is her feeling that an improved financial picture is contingent upon the close attention of the Board and the Treasurer to expenditures and fund raising opportunities.    Thanks given to Susan.

IV.              Membership:  E. Waiess.  Elizabeth noted that the new member’s luncheon will be held after the May meeting in East Lansing.  Current membership is as follows:  22 new members, 96 active members, 10 retired and inactive members, 9 students.  Appreciation given to Elizabeth by R. Hooberman for her referral of new members to him for introduction of MPC education and training opportunities.

V.                 Professional and Community Development:  K. Baker’s and M. Rivette’s report given by P. Orosan-Weine.  This committee has been working with H. McPherson to formulate a way for MPC offerings, including the 4 hour seminars, to meet social worker CEU requirements.  Possible PCD weekend seminars for the fall and winter are: Sue Miller on shame and disgust, Brenda Lepisto on parenting.  Ed Gibeau will offer a weekend seminar on depression.  Frank Sollars has expressed an interest in teaching a 10 week course on Jung.  Work is also being done on Carol Levin’s upcoming seminar.

VI.              Social Work CEU Committee:  H. McPherson and K. Pratt.  See forwarded report:  McPherson 4-26-06.  Some significant aspects of the Social Work CEU application model are:  Organizations such as MPC may apply for approval of their educational package with a $750.00 application fee (required annually); the social work CEU Board needs 60 days to review the educational package which means that MPC needs to submit its package by August.  All MPC classes, seminars, and forums will be considered for inclusion in the package.  There is now an MPC CEU committee of six members:  M. Atwell, D. Drayson, P. Marciniak, H.McPherson, K.Pratt, and K. Sorell.  MPC advertising for CEU qualified courses will target the experience level required for the course.  H. McPherson will coordinate with all the committees offering educational programs.  Motion:  H. McPherson and committee will prepare an MPC educational package with application fee to submit to the Social Work CEU Collaborative Consortium by August, 2006.  Motion seconded and approved.

VII.           Committee to Discuss Non-MPC Trained Analyst Certification:  E. Toronto.  Ellen stated that her committee had met to discuss the question of MPC certification of non-MPC trained analysts.  Upon discussion of this issue, the committee came to feel that this issue was symptomatic of deeper conflicts within the organization and that it would be useful to attempt to locate these other conflicts and divisions; it was further felt that some of the divisions are as follows:  analyst/candidate; old and founding members/newer members; teachers/candidates; underappreciated/under satisfied; geographical.  Ellen suggested that her committee develop a survey to attempt to elucidate and identify these underlying divisions and conflicts and that the survey be readied for presentation to the MPC Board at its September meeting.  Ellen would chair this committee, the Survey Committee, composed of Ellen, S. Zager, E. Waiess, R. Rosenthal, and some candidates.  All suggestions for the survey from the Board and membership are welcome.  Murray Meisels noted that MPC was founded upon the results of a survey.  Motion:  To disband the Committee to Discuss Non-MPC Trained Analysts.  Motion seconded and approved.  Motion:  To create a new committee, The Survey Committee, to survey membership about MPC practices, issues of importance, and attitudes to the organization with E. Toronto as chair.  Motion seconded and approved.

VIII.        Education and Training:  R. Hooberman.  See Forwarded Report.  There have been two new inquiries on candidate training.  All recent classes have received positive evaluation.  New curriculum work is underway.  B. Lepisto is pursuing the child analytic/psychotherapy track.  Psychoanalytic psychotherapy track is on hiatus and will be reconfigured and coordinated with R. Hooberman.  The new course brochure will be mailed soon.

IX.              Certification:  R. Rosenthal.  Mary Nowack, Ph.D. recommended for certification of completion of psychoanalytic psychotherapy training.  Motion:  Motion to certify M. Nowack.  Motion seconded and approved.

X.                 Programs:  S. Zager.  At the Lew Aron conference, there were 83 registered with 11 participants new to MPC; 24 attended the Friday night event.  Proceeds were $9145.00 and expenses $10,293.00 for a net loss of $1150.00.  The payment that had to be made to Genoa Woods when Lew Aron had to cancel in October was $1200.00.  Without this factor, there would have been a small profit on this event.  Sue indicated that she would like to add a meeting in Detroit for the coming program year.  R. Hooberman suggested that focused extra meetings be considered.

XI.              Banquet:  J. Robinson.  No new business.

XII.           Candidates’ Report:  M. Rivette and P. Orosan-Weine.  No new business.

XIII.        Newsletter:  S. Wasung.  Sheila indicated that she awaits one more article before the newsletter can go to the publisher.

XIV.        Bulletin:  D. Klein.  David issued a reminder of the May 15 deadline for Bulletin articles.

XV.           Old Business:  No new old business.

XVI.        New Business:  K. Koepele suggested that MPC consider the beginning purchase of long distance education equipment in order to diminish the geographic hardship with which MPC continually struggles.  She also suggested that Professional and Community development implement a brief program or seminar for pre-med students.  Kathleen last                     suggested that when analysts of a particular theoretical orientation such as Lew Aron are brought in for a seminar, that it might be educationally profitable to pay for the candidate presenting to him/her to have 5-10 further hours of telephone supervision on the case presented and to then bring the pair back to MPC for another seminar elucidating the development of treatment within this theoretical perspective.



Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen C. Koepele

Recording Secretary




Meeting of the Board

Michigan League

Ann Arbor

March 26, 2006



Present:  J. Robinson, H. McPherson, K. Pratt, F. Sollars, I. Schaer, R. Hooberman, P. Orosan-Weine, R. Liberman, D. Klein, K. Baker, E. Waiess, R. Rosenthal, B. Lepisto, D. Drayson, S. Boyd, S. Wasung, K. Koepele.



I.                    Minutes for February meeting approved.  K. Koepele noted that her move to Vermont in August, 2005 will necessitate her resigning her position as Recording Secretary as of August, 2005; a one year appointment will be necessary to complete her term.

II.                 President’s Report:  David Klein.  David thanked S. Zager and E. Waiess for keeping the Board informed as to Mary Karon’s progress and for sending flowers.  B. Karon will be absent from Board functions for a time.  David thanked K. Pratt for her excellent work on the Social Worker CEU project.  He has asked H. McPherson to be the new person to head the Social Worker CEU committee.  Motion: to approve H. McPherson’s appointment; motion seconded and approved.  David also thanked S. Boyd and J. Rahn for creating the new MPC Directory.

III.               Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Boyd.  As of 02 28 2006, MPC has in its Operations Fund $20, 545.06, in its Cunningham Library Fund $3, 340.64, and in its Development Fund $36,766.96.  Total Assets:$60,652.66.  Susan will be in communication with the new Registrar, D. Burgermeister.  A discussion was held as to whether to create an “emeritus” category for retired and/or advanced age MPC analysts.  Motion:  motion made to create and emeritus category with reduced membership fees for fully retired analysts.  Motion seconded and tabled.

IV.              Membership:  E. Waiess.  E. noted the creation of a new category for fee purposes of New Professionals who have been practicing in the field for three years or less.  There are two new members who have likely already paid full fee.

V.                 Professional and Community Development:  K. Baker and M. Rivette.  K. Baker presented report.  Weekend seminar series has a profit of $995.00.  The final seminar for this series is Carol Levin’s and 5 are registered.  Advertising is requested.  A Fall, 2005 Seminar Series is planned.  Thanks given to E. Waiess for promoting MPC over the MPA list serve.  B. Lepisto has organized a child consultation group with 5 people, thus far, expressing interest.  Two individuals have expressed interest in a child training program.  The Child and Adolescent list serve has 17 people interested.  Cinema Talk, R. Liberman; a new venue is desired and being investigated; the current format is being evaluated.  B. Lepisto has been asked by The Lansing State Journal to contribute to an advice giving column.  Might MPC have analysts or candidates who might do something similar in other venues?  It was suggested that members invite guests to special MPC events and offer to pay their fee.  The Professional and Community Development Committee welcomes input.

VI.              Continuing Education:  H. McPherson and K. Pratt.  See H. McPherson’s forwarded report.  Hugh is working toward MPC presentation of necessary materials to NASW, Michigan Chapter, before July, 2005 in order to secure the right for MPC to offer educational programs that would qualify to offer social workers CEU’s to meet their new CEU requirement; the new licensure requirement is 45 CEU’s every 3 years.  Hugh is optimistic that MPC might acquire approval by Fall, 2005.  If approved, all of the MPC programs which meet the requisite guidelines would qualify for hour for hour CEU credit; this would include classes, mini classes, seminars and Sunday programs.  The educational programs may be presented by social workers, psychologists, physicians and this list may not be inclusive.  It was noted that there are 30,000 social workers in Michigan and that this new CEU requirement offers MPC a real opportunity to become a significant player in the training of mental health professionals in Michigan.

VII.            Education and Training:  R. Hooberman.  See scanned report of Education and Training minutes, March 12, 2006 which will follow.  K. Baker, K. Ahbel-Rappe, C. Levin, E. Waiess, I. Schaer, S. Zager, D. Klein will all be offering courses for the 2006-2007 class year.  It was agreed that if a candidate misses two classes, they will be required to write a paper on the material missed.  Visiting Professor this year will be Dorothy Holmes, Ph.D.  She will present at 6:00, Women’s City Club, Ann Arbor, Thursday, April 27, 2006.  Her field is prejudice and her paper will discuss the ways in which analyst/patient prejudice can enter the treatment situation.  35 individuals can be accommodated.  Members are encouraged to bring and pay for a guest.

VIII.         Programs:  S. Zager.  Report read by K. Koepele.  Scanned report will follow.  B. Lepisto requested that, as soon as possible, she be given a schedule of next year’s program.

IX.              Nominations and Elections:  M. Atwell.  No Report.

X.                 Banquet:  J. Robinson.  The full fee for the banquet was set at $65.00 per person.  The candidate fee will be $25 or $30.  Janet will hold a 50/50 raffle at the Banquet; perhaps the winner will donate winnings to MPC!  The Banquet will be held June 10, 2006 at the Michigan League, Ann Arbor and Carol Levin will receive her analyst certificate that evening.  It was suggested that periodic emails be sent to the membership reminding them of the Banquet.

XI.              Candidates’ Report:  P. Orosan-Weine.  L. Rapp is stepping down as candidate representative to the Board.  The candidates support the procedure established by MPC that gives or refuses analyst status to outside analysts requesting acceptance as MPC analysts.  The candidates also hope that “talented” outside analysts are welcome.  The candidates’ group is working hard with the PCD committee and are welcoming and integrating new candidate, Ralph Hutchison.

XII.            Newsletter:  S. Wasung.  Sheila noted that the Newsletter needs either 8 or 12 pages; she currently has 9; Sheila hopes to print the next Newsletter in several weeks.  Sheila will contact Peter Wood to post the next Newsletter on the MPC website.

XIII.         Bulletin:  D. Klein.  David asked for a May 15 deadline for submissions to the Bulletin.  The next Bulletin will include book reviews and movie reviews. 

XIV.         Old Business:  The next MPC retreat will be June, 2007.  P. Orosan-Weine reported that the Association for Autonomous Psychoanalytic Institutes is requesting past and present dues.  Past dues have been paid with the payment having been lost/check not cashed.  It was noted that this association appears to be revitalizing and might blossom into an accrediting body.  Pam will continue to handle the liaison with the Association and suggests that an MPC member go to their next meeting.

XV.           New Business:  Brenda Lepisto has a booklet prepared by The Commission on Children at Risk that she would like to circulate as a report supported by MPC as part of her kickoff of an MPC child program.  This will be discussed at the next Board meeting.  The meeting place for MPC monthly meetings will again be evaluated with Women’s City Club costs compared with those of the Michigan League.  S. Zager will be asked to make this comparison.  K. Baker will coordinate the next two MPC brochures and then will resign.



Respectfully submitted,




Kathleen C. Koepele

Recording Secretary





                                                           February 19, 2006

                                                            University Club

                                                       East Lansing, Michigan


Present: D. Klein, B. Lepisto, , D. Drayson, R. Hooberman, R. Rosenthal, S. Zager, R. Liberman, P. Orosan-Weine, I. Schaer, M. Rivette, P. Wood, K. Pratt, E. Toronto, J. Robinson, , B. Waiess,  M. Atwell


I.  Secretary’s Report- Kathleen Koepele (absent):  Corrections to January 15, 2006 minutes

        a. Item VIII   Hotel Baronette in Novi

        b. Item VI     new member/new candidate luncheon to be held May 21 in East Lansing

        c. Item VII “nine month long study group”-change to nine month long course, “consistent    

               curriculum in lieu of” change to “consistent curriculum as”

   Minutes approved with corrections


2. President’s Report- David Klein:  Jeff Glindmeyer has resigned from his member-at –large position due to his wife’s health.  David will send Jeff a letter of appreciation.  David asked Hugh McPherson to fill this position pending board approval.  Motion made and seconded, no discussion, motion approved.  Hugh requested to be added to the Board List Serve, asked if minutes could be available on the MPC Website. Peter said he would do this.  The Presidential kick-off fund-raiser has raised $2910.00 with sixteen contributors.  Karen Baker is the new fund raiser.  The 2006 Presidential Reception viewed as opportunity to build organization and use as fund raising instrument.  Discussion whether should be pot-luck dinner supplied by Board Members or formally catered, and if the Reception should be open to the general membership.  Brenda pointed out that this is only event in which analysts and candidates are formally brought together, arguing against opening it up to the general membership.  David suggested that the Reception be open to all members.  Michelle suggested that the Reception could provide an opportunity to meet new people, bring new people in, and encourage more candidates to come.  Brenda then suggested two levels of invitations, a general invitation to the membership as well as specific invitations to individuals desired at the Reception.  Discussion followed as to whether the Reception should be catered or pot luck, with Robert, Michelle, Pam, and Dianne offering comments.  A compromise was reached with the decision to have a mixed catering-and pot luck dinner with alcoholic beverages available.  A date in September of 2006 will be found.  A motion to allocate $1000.00 for the reception was moved, seconded, and approved.


3. Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Boyd was unable to attend, her report given by David.  As of 01/31/06, the Operations fund has $22,170.15, the Cunningham Library Fund has $3, 340.64, and the Development Fund has $36, 605.40.  Total assets are $62,116.19. 


4. Professional and Community Development- Michele Rivette (Karen Baker, absent).  Michele reported that the Weekend Seminar series was quite successful, attracting a number of people outside of MPC.  The seminar series had been profitable, netting over $700.  Two of the forthcoming seminars have already completely filled.  It was felt that keeping the price for the seminars reasonable has facilitated optimal enrollment. Brenda reported that the Child Consultation Group is being worked on and will soon be available, the date to be announced in the near future.  David reported an E-mail from Irv Leon, who presented one of the seminars.   Leon expressed how pleased he was with the opportunity to do the seminar. David noted that Irv Leon and Sue Miller will both be given a full year’s membership to MPC in recognition of their presenting these seminars.  Thanks were also offered to Peter for working with the Committee.  David also raised the possibility of lowering dues for potential members who may not be able to afford the full dues rate.  The option of lowering dues to $20 for students and $40 for new professionals was raised.  Brenda noted that we could not have a full discussion of this until the treasurer was present.  David offered that he had already spoken to Susan Boyd about this and she was agreeable, as long as a time period was specified in which the reduced fees would be offered for each new member.  Robert suggested that a dues of $50 yearly be offered to recent graduates of programs.  A motion was made to offer the $50 yearly dues for a time period of three years to recent graduates; the motion was seconded and passed. 


  1. Programs- Sue Zager.  Sue reported that she and Jeff Glindmeyer are working on revamping the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program.  She also noted that there were a number of spelling errors in the February 2006 brochure, although the January brochure was error free.  Sue suggested that the printer be contacted to see who does the final grammar and spelling check.  Diane offered that the Program chair should proof it.  Sue expressed her concerns about spelling misprints for our presenters, and how embarrassing this was.  She has already forwarded letters of apology to the presenters whose names have been misspelled.   It was also proposed that MPC consider another meeting in the Detroit area as the number of people interested appears to be growing there.  Henry Krystal will be presenting for MPC in Detroit in April.


  1. MPC Newsletter- Sheila Wasung (absent).  Sue Zager reported for Sheila, noting that while there had been great optimism that the newsletter could receive an ‘aesthetic upgrade’, Sheila had made numerous attempts to contact Elaine which all came to naught.  Ultimately, Elaine bowed out of the project, noting that she was overburdened. Sheila has had no response from Elaine in the last two weeks.  Given the delay in publication, we will not be able to publish an MPI advertisement.  The question of timeliness vs. aesthetic upgrading was discussed.  It was decided to publish the newsletter within the next four to six weeks, with an attempt to spruce it up aesthetically.


  1. Continuing Education: Kay Pratt spoke to the value of offering Continuing Education Units to social workers in the organization.  Structuring these CEU’s will have to fall within the ACE guidelines, and this will entail a lot of bureaucratic detail and paperwork, including the construction of a number of forms and the ability to keep this documentation for five years.  An initial application fee of $450 will be made to the Michigan Board of Social Workers, which will allow us one year of probationary status.  A $900 fee will be required later.  Discussion followed regarding use of pre and post tests, and constructing objectives and evaluations for the various presentations.  It was also decided that a social worker be the director of this project.  A motion was made to give full support for pursuing the CEU program, this motion was seconded and passed. 


  1. Cinema Talk- Reena Liberman.  The third film in the series has been shown, and there appears to be an active and enthusiastic following.  Discussion on how to develop and expand this activity was made, including advertising, E-mail, fliers, and placing on the Bulletin Board of the Mental Health Networker.  The schedule is currently placed on the Networker now and in April at no charge by Hugh McPherson.  However, this activity is limited by location, and discussion followed about showing the film series in Lansing and Birmingham.  It was proposed that additional costs could be partially offset by nesting the advertising for the films within the larger advertisements for MPC, so that all advertising could be coordinated.  It was also suggested the Cinema Talk series could be placed within the Professional and Community Development.


  1. Education and Training- Robert Hooberman. Robert noted that  Pat Marciniak has resigned as registrar, Diane Burgermeister has agreed to fill the position.  Peter Wood stated that the candidates are developing a position paper on the subject of MPI analysts.  Conferences and classes for 2006-2007 are currently being developed with a number of courses and instructors already assigned, a meeting to be held on February 27, 2006 to further this work.  Brenda noted that she is currently developing a Child Psychoanalysis and Child Psychotherapy Tract which will be designed to dovetail with the current adult tract curriculum.  A list serve and a child study group on the Internet is being readied, and more child related courses are being developed.  If anyone is interested in teaching these courses, they should contact Brenda.  Currently, Brenda and Ira will be offering courses in the next Fall or Winter terms.  Ellen suggested that we delay accepting further admission of MPI training analysts until a full review process can be initiated.  Ruth noted that there is no one in the pipeline to be certified, and that the process for application had already been specified.  Pam was not in favor of a motion for changing anything, at the present time.  Ellen noted that the Board could vote to delay to admit further training analysts.  Michele reported that there is not a formal representative from the candidates, due to there being fewer candidates and many of the candidates are close to finishing the program.
  2. Banquet: Janet Robinson.  Janet reported that the June 10th banquet will be held at the Michigan League, and a jazz trio has already been found to entertain.  If anyone wants to work on this program, they should let Janet know.  We will also need to have someone in Ann Arbor to work with a florist regarding centerpieces for the tables. 
  3. David wanted to issue a formal thank you to Susan Boyd and Jennifer Rahn for their work on the MPC directory.
  4. Old Business- Brenda offered her thanks to the membership regarding their condolences on the death of her grandmother. 
  5. New Business- Peter spoke to publishing articles on line. 







Respectfully submitted by Ira J. Schaer, sitting in for Kathleen Koepele, Recording Secretary



January 15, 2006

Women’s City Club

Ann Arbor, MI



Present: K. Baker, S. Boyd, D. Drayson, R. Hooberman, B. Karon, D. Klein, R. Liberman,         P. Marciniak, M. Meisels, P. Orosan-Weine, K. Pratt, M. Rivette, I. Shaer, F. Sollars,

L. Tenbusch, E. Toronto, S. Zager



I.                    Secretary’s Report – Kathleen Koepele (absent): Corrections to the November, 2005 minutes –

a.       Item VII – the letter was a collaborative effort by David Klein and Karen Baker

b.       Item XIX – there will be another 2 programs in the first series of Cinema Talk

c.       XI – typo . . . there is a late fee  . . .  not fell

Minutes accepted with corrections.


II.                 President’s Report – David Klein:  In response to feedback of previous agendas, David trimmed today’s agenda to 14 items. David welcomed back Sheila Wasung from her surgery and recovery, and Sheila thanked the board for the gift of housekeeping services. David thanked Susan Boyd for serving as Membership Committee Chair and welcomed Beth Waiess as new Membership Chair. The Association for Autonomous Psychoanalytic Institutes has a new President and administrator who would like more interaction and communication with us. David asked for a board member liaison and Pam Orosan-Weine volunteered. The President’s Kickoff Fundraiser has received $1910 in contributions so far from 10 contributors, only 4 from the Board. There was some discussion about the year end timing of the mailing and cash flow limits. David gave an inspiring Sunday sermon about building our organization. He stressed the importance of not being complacent or relying solely on the PCD or Training committees and suggested several ideas for outreach to outliers, such as sending out personal letters to identified people, writing more articles about the classes, and a giving a welcome packet that includes the Bulletin for new members. David suggested building a strong organization based on an Eriksonian model, explaining that there are intrapsychic benefits working in a psychosocial milieu, such as MPC; it helps build our identity and counterbalances the superego, maximizing a non-conflictual sphere of ego and including energy, creativity, and work for a common cause.


III.               MPC Newsletter – Sheila Wasung: There are plans to revamp the newsletter to improve the content, add new features, and increase fees for ads, and to attain the look and quality of the Bulletin and recent MPC brochures. Michele Rivette suggested we send it to MPC prospects. Sheila asked for a $2500 budget, an increase of $1000 from previous years to be paid for by the Professional Education and Development Fund. The source of funds was accepted as a friendly amendment. The budget was passed.


IV.              Professional and Community Development – Karen Baker and Michele Rivette: Mary Anderson has resigned from the committee. The report was on the number of enrollees in weekend courses which has collected $400 in fees with $180 in expenses. They are generating ideas for courses for next Fall. Robert Hooberman asked for names of enrollees for outreach. It’s looking like a wonderful, new format and creative curriculum. Recommendations included a marketing survey on what kinds of courses people would like, putting advertising brochures in clinics, and having more personal contact. They announced that Michele Rivette is providing pro bono in-services and supervision at Ozone House on addiction and self-harm.


V.                 Treasurer’s Report – Susan Boyd: The report was sent via e-mail. The majority of dues were paid by December but still down from the previous year. Susan will follow up on the two analysts who have not paid their dues. We are on par with the 2004/05 fiscal year but it’s a decrease from the 2003/04 fiscal year. The Lew Aron conference fees are artificially inflating the bottom line. David noted that we still need to be alert to the bottom line and said that it’s good that Susan is tracking yearly changes.


VI.              Membership – Beth Waiess (absent): There is a new member/new candidate luncheon for 14 new members.


VII.            Education and Training – Robert Hooberman: Ralph Hutchison has been approved for candidacy status and Carol Levin has been approved for analyst status. The committee has also approved that candidates can serve on the same committee as their analysts. The committee is planning to shorten courses to 7.5 or 10 weeks long without changing the total number of required hours. Murray Meisels suggested weekend courses. Suanne Zager promoted the idea of having 9-month long study group in different locations, each with a core group and a consistent curriculum in lieu of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Course. The planned Child Analytic Program would have courses that overlap with the Adult Analytic Program.


Ellen Toronto revisited the policy of admitting analysts to MPC and proposed a committee to address this issue. She thinks it’s important to air varying points of view in order to avoid divisiveness within the organization. Robert Hooberman stated his opposition to the idea and Ellen and Robert expressed their opposing views. David Klein said that he sees no harm in having a committee to discuss the issue without using too much of MPCs resources. David appointed Ellen as head of an ad hoc committee and several members volunteered to be on the committee. The idea for dialogue excludes a town meeting.


VIII.         Programs – Suanne Zager: The conference with Lew Aron has been rescheduled for April 8 at the Hotel Baranat in Novi. The March 26 MPC meeting will be at the Michigan League and the April meeting will be on April 30 with Henry Krystal.


IX.               Nominations and Elections – Marybeth Atwell (absent): David Klein read Marybeth’s report about her plans for elections and reviewed the method to uphold anonymity.


X.                 Candidates’ Report – Leslie Rapp (absent): David Klein announced that Leslie Rapp will no longer be the committee head. There are no major issues to report and David asked for a regular report from the candidates.


XI.               Cinema Talk – Reena Liberman:  The next Cinema Talk is scheduled for January 27 and one more is scheduled for April. When Reena announced that there have been no volunteers to work with her, Suanne Zager volunteered with the idea of setting up venues in Lansing and Birmingham.


XII.            CEUs – Kay Pratt: Kay distributed a handout on the MSW license requirements to earn approved credits. It explained the two ways to get CEU status granted. Kay asked for social workers who are willing to assist her in deciding if and how MPC can participate in this process.


XIII.          Old Business: None


XIV.         New Business: None






Respectfully submitted by Reena Liberman, sitting in for Kathleen Koepele, Recording Secretary



November 19, 2005

University Club

East Lansing, MI


Present:  I. Schaer, B.Karon, D.Drayson, R.Liberman, P.Orosan-Weine, B.Lepisto, R. Hooberman, K.Baker, R.Rosenthal, K.Pratt, S.Boyd, J.Rahn, L.Tenbusch, P.Marciniak, S.Zager, D.Klein, M.Meisels, E.Waiess, P.Wood, F.Sollars, J.Robinson, K.Koepele



I.                   Secretary’s Report:  Kathleen Koepele.  Thanks to Sue Zager and Susan Boyd.  Prior minutes accepted.


II.                Administrative Secretary:  Jennifer Rahn.  Jennifer has MPC stationary and envelopes available.  Contact Jennifer in order to add a name to the MPC brochure list.


III.             President’s Report and Bulletin of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council:  David Klein.  Thanks to Sue Zager for handling correspondence and gifts to Shiela Wasung who is recovering from extensive surgery.  David has appointed Marybeth Atwell to chair Nominations and Elections and Janet Robinson to chair the June banquet.  The MPC Bulletin, a juried bulletin, after two years of work, has now been published and is available to members.  The total cost (debit Development Fund) is $3892.00.  It is hoped that the Bulletin will help MPC reach and develop a larger membership.  Peter Wood will indicate on the MPC website that the Bulletin is available.


IV.              Professional and Community Development:  Karen Baker, Michelle Rivette (not present).  Michelle has developed an attractive flyer on all MPC programs to be utilized for marketing purposes.


V.                 Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Boyd.   See previously forwarded report. MPC total Assets are $60,449.95.  Tuition income is up approximately $500.00 from last year and down approximately $5000.00 from two years ago.  Dues and analyst certification fees are currently at $12,380.00, down approximately $5000.00 from a year ago.  It was noted that the number of candidates taking classes has declined.


VI.              Membership:  Susan Boyd.  Current MPC membership is at 81.  It was noted that all professional groups have been struggling with membership issues for the past two years.  The New Member Luncheon will be held in 2006.  Elizabeth Waiess will become Membership Chair in January, 2006.


VII.           Fund Raising:  Karen Baker.  Karen has composed a fund raising letter that will soon be mailed to the membership.


VIII.        Vice-President for Education and Training:  Robert Hooberman. See previously forwarded report.  There is ongoing discussion in Education and Training as to whether an analyst and his/her anal sand can serve on the committee at the same time.  It was noted that MPC has no requirement that analytic training and personal analysis be concurrent.  All applications to MPC for training will be kept confidential.  Requests for MPC instructors will be sent by regular mail.  Brenda Lepisto will hold the position of MPC Ombudsperson.  It was noted that there is a procedure in place for outside analysts who wish to be qualified as MPC analysts to apply for such qualification.  The procedure is as follows:  fill out an application; submit transcripts, present a paper to MPC, demonstrate a consistent commitment to MPC by consistently attending meetings, serving on a committee, etc.; be interviewed and evaluated by two MPC analysts; it is important that the applicant be in agreement with the MPC philosophy of welcoming a diversity of theoretical viewpoints.  Any applicant may be denied qualification if it is felt that his/her inclusion will not benefit the organization, MPC.  Lynne Tenbusch has responded by letter (dated Nov. 18, 2005) as follows to this issue:  I would like to make some clarifying comments on Murray’s note regarding MPI graduates being certified by MPC.  I do not recognize myself in the ‘outrage’ regarding MPI/MPC, or in the specific financial concerns attributed to me.  I do have deep concerns about becoming a satellite of MPI, though I feel no outrage about it.  Additionally, my concerns are not financial.  My analytic practice is not now and has never been dependent on MPC or even connected to it.        My apprehension is as follows:  MPC was founded on the principle of heterogeneity, equality among analysts and appreciation of, as well as respect for, approaches other than one’s own.  I do not see these qualities evidenced in the ethos of MPI.  In short, my unease is informed by my continuing commitment to the spirit and values on which the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council was founded.  If we become a ‘junior MPI’ or a satellite of MPI we will no longer be the Council that the founding members worked so hard to create.  Robert noted that the Training Committee makes a recommendation to the whole Board relative to an applicant and the whole Board makes the decision.  It was noted by some that MPI’s philosophy of training is authority based. D.Drayson noted that in the MPC By-laws it states that all MPC graduate analysts shall be Training and Supervising Analysts.


IX.              Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:  Jeff Glindmeyer, Suanne Zager. 

Applicants to this program are few.  Changes to the program are being considered.  L. Tennbusch’s Relational class is going well.


X.                 Vice-President for Certification:  Ruth Rosenthal.  No New Business.

XI.              Registrar:  Patricia Marciniak.  Patricia requested that it be noted on the website that there is a late fell that will be assessed for late class fees.


XII.           Vice-President for Programs:  Suanne Zager.  Lew Aaron Conference

will be rescheduled for April, 2006; exact date being explored.  Sue noted that there had been 60 registrants for the Saturday program, 28 for the Friday program, and at least 5 additional showing interest.  R. Hooberman indicated that the Visiting Professor will be April 27.  Div. 39 is April 19-23.


XIII.        Past President:  Diane Drayson.  Diane needs to be notified as to whether

the June dinner will be at the Women’s City Club or the Michigan League so as she can notify the Women’s City Club.


XIV.        President-Elect:  Brenda Lepisto.  No New Business


XV.    Ombudsperson:  Brenda Lepisto.  On November 24, 2005 the candidates

           Asked me to serve in the position of an ombudsperson for them.  Specifically,

           They requested that I would function as a third party should there be any

           Individual or collective/systemic issues that need addressing on behalf of the

           Candidates relative to the Training and Certification Committee or the

                Organization.  They want the position to (1) provide a liaison and advocate

           for candidates, especially new groups (when there is a turnover of candidates

          who may not know how to navigate the system or feel comfortable addressing

          issues with analysts:  (2) provide some continuity in the sense that this

          position would best suited to analysts who are only a few years or so outside

         of their own training so they can better relate to the issues of the candidate

         group and can provide information on how things have run in the past.

         I will only be reporting to the Board as the candidates request.  My meetings

        With them will be confidential in order to protect the integrity of the position.


XVI.    Candidates Representative:  Leslie Rapp.  No Report.


XVII    Newsletter:  Sheila Wasung.  No Report.


XVIII. Publicity.  Sheila Wasung.  No Report.


XIX.    Cinema Talk. Reena Liberman.  There will be a program in January and

      another four programs for the year.


XX.     By-Laws:  Murray Meisels. Murray that any committee report automatically

            becomes a Motion.


XXI.         Union Institute Affiliation:  Frank Sollars.  No New Business.


XXII.      Website:  Peter Wood.  Gratitude was expressed to Peter Wood for so

promptly posting website requests.


XXIII.   Gender and Diversity:  Ellen Toronto.  No Report.


XXIV.  Nominations and Elections:  Marybeth Atwell.  Will begin calling for



XXV.       Old Business:  No new Old Business.


XXVI.   New Business.  Kay Pratt was appointed to the task of exploring whether

             MPC programs can count for required social worker CEU’s.




Respectfully submitted,


Kathleen C. Koepele, MSW

Recording Secretary 

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