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Other Psychoanalytic Websites
  • International Journal of Psychoanalysis with links to many other P.A. websites
  • The Psychoanalytic Connection
  • Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and Society
  • The Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts, with many links
  • Kleinian Studies E-Journal
  • Psyche Matters, online papers, psychoanalytic bibliographies, and more
  • American Psychoanalytic Association
  • National Membership Committee of Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work
  • The Institute for Psychohistory, a psychoanalytic view of social and political behavior

MPC Member Papers Published online

  • Marilyn Charles' paper:  "A Confusion of Tongues:  Difficulties in Conceptualizing Development in Psychoanalytic Theory"

Finding Psychoanalytic Books

  • Advanced Book Exchange (for out of print books, links to many bookstores throughout the U.S.)
  • John Gach Books - a bookstore in Maryland. Stocks many out of print classical psychoanalytic works (somewhat pricey)
  • AddAll - a consortium of used book sellers
  • BooksPrice finds the best price on a purchase of several books together.
  • FetchBooks - a consortium of sellers dealing only in books.