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President - (Ann Arbor)
Past President - (Ann Arbor)
President-Elect - (East Lansing)

Vice-President for Certification - (East Lansing)

Vice-President for Education and Training -     (Ann Arbor)

Vice-President for Programs - (East Lansing)

Registrar - Diane Burgermeister, Ph.D, C.S.,  (Farmington Hills)

Secretary - Kathleen Koepele, M.S.W.

Treasurer - (Ann Arbor)

Candidate Representative - Leslie Rapp, M.S.W. (East Lansing)

Members at Large:
Reena Liberman, Ph.D.
Hugh McPherson, A.C.S.W..
Pamela Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.

Scott Trylch,  Ed.D
Jean Wixom, Ph.D

Committee Chairs

Fundraising -  

Membership - Elizabeth Waiess, Psy.D.

Newsletter Editor -
Sheila Wasung, M.S.W.

Nominations and Elections - Marybeth Atwell, M.S.W.

Professional Community Development - Pamela Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.

Publicity -
Sheila Wasung, M.S.W.

Finance -

Administrative Secretary

2093 Haslett Rd.
Haslett, MI 48840

MPC Information: 1-800-218-9130

Former Presidents:

2003-2005 (Ann Arbor)
Robert    2001-2003 (Ann Arbor)
1999-2001 (Ann Arbor)
Edward Gibeau, Ed.D. 1997-99 (East Lansing)
1995-97 (Ann Arbor)
1993-95 (East Lansing)
Diane B. Drayson, A.M. 1991-93 (Ann Arbor)
Murray Meisels, Ph.D. 1989-91 (Ann Arbor)