Continuing Case Consultation Group


The Michigan Council for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

is offering a

Continuing Case Consultation Group for New Professionals


Interested in joining an ongoing case consultation group with your peers?  Are you curious about how to overcome impasses and to deepen your work?   Would you like to enhance your ability to promote lasting growth and change?  Do you need supervisory hours for social work licensure?  

Meeting twice monthly, this group will be led alternately by Lisa Larson, LMSW and David Freiband, MSW, Ph.D.  Members will present cases and discuss ways of handling situations arising in the course of treatment. 

Because finding time to meet on weekdays is difficult, this group will do so on Sunday afternoons for 1½ hours.  Since the group will operate under the auspices of MCPP’s Access Program, each session will cost only $25.  Toward this end, we will ask that you make a nonrefundable monthly prepayment of $50.  The group will start in mid-January, 2016. 


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For additional information, contact Lisa R. Larson, LMSW


Please make a 501(c)(3) donation to the
Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Foundation.