October 2011




Meeting of the Board

The Michigan League

Ann Arbor, Michigan

October 23, 2011






MPC Board members: M. Atwell, D. Freiband, S. Freiband, M. Frye, R. Hutchison, D. Klein, M. Meisels, L. Pierce, M. Rivette, M. Rudy, M. Slowiaczek , E. Waiess, P. Wood,


1. The minutes of the meeting of September 18, 2011 were approved unanimously.


2. Treasurer (Michael Rudy)


  • Documents presented: Spending by Category, YTD; Net Worth–As of 10-21-2011; Cash Flow–YTD; Balance Sheet; Register Report.
  • With expected incomes from various committees/programs, there will be a modest surplus for this budget year.
  • Rudy has made some adjustments in the budgets to bring them into line with expectations based on recent history. Budget allocations to committees are not rigid limits, but indicate the range of what the committee can spend.   Soon, Rudy will be able to keep committee chairs up on the running record of their operations.


2. President (Elizabeth Waiess)


  • Motion to take off the table the motion to approve the committee/program budgets en bloc. Motion approved unanimously. The budgets, as revised by the treasurer were approved, unanimously.
  • The Administrative Assistant Jennifer Rahn is still unwell. Mailings and printing can be handled by contacting Paper Image. Members are asked to find other clerical help when possible.
  • Letterhead stationary was handed to those who need it. Discussion of envelope design. Hutchison will work on, and send around, a printable return-address label.
  • Discussion of location of venue for the spring banquet.


3. Past President’ (Murray Meisels)


  • Discussion of parliamentary procedure. The question arose, can present non-board-members vote in board meetings? Answer: they cannot make motions or vote, but can participate in the discussions at the prerogative of the chair.


4. President Elect – No report.


5. Education and Training (Peter Wood)


  • The candidates’ forum happened. A topic under consideration: who needs what courses and how to continue offerings that only a few need.
  • We still don’t have somebody to take charge of the psychotherapy program.
  • Course registration: There has been good registration this year, without advertising, so advertising dollars are apparently not very productive.
  • Committee member terms: Slowiaczek was approved for a 2-year term, in the last meeting, but the bylaws say these are three-year terms. Next time around the appointment should be for three years




6. Programs (Michele Rivette)


  • The Board Listserv motion from Summer 2011 (MPC co-sponsored the “Wired Up” Program with MSPP on 10/9/11 and expenses for that meeting will be shared with MSPP) was unanimously confirmed.
  • The annual conference program is set: Paul Wachtel will be the visiting speaker. It will be scheduled for the first or second week of October.


7. Certification – no report


8. Committee Reports

  • Membership: Laura Pierce

- Moved that card/flowers be sent to Jennifer Rahn. Motion was seconded, discussed and passed unanimously.

- Board members expressed their satisfaction with Rahn’s services, noting also the benefit that her long services provides continuity and memory of the group’s history


  • Elections: Marybeth Atwell

- Call on all to keep eyes out for candidates.

- Elections this year will be for 2 at-large members, replacing Atwell and Huchison. It will be done on line.


  • PCD: Ralph Hutchison

- Recommended exploring the idea of adding to the website an interview with one or more of the certified analysts that explains what analysis is, what would happen if you are in analysis.

- Enrollment wasn’t good for professional development courses. Hutchison will check how/whether the information is getting out through the various colleges/ universities. Noted the need to form relationships, not just send information out.


  • Bulletin: David Klein

- The new bulletin is in production.

  • Website: Reena Liberman   no report
  • Social Action: Ellen Toronto no report
  • Gender & Diversity: Ellen Toronto no report
  • Newsletter: Sheila Wasung   no report
  • Parliamentarian & Bylaws: Murray Meisels   (see above)
  • Strategic Planning: Michael Rudy

- Rudy presented ideas about the possibilities of reallocating the MPC’s investments. Discussion of the pros and cons of various ways of investing, including concern that enough funds be kept liquid, so we can manage funding if unexpected expenses or lower incomes occur.

- A motion that Rudy be authorized to reallocate MPC investments (referencing Rudy, a professional financial advisor, not “the treasurer”). A substitute motion was made that we remove the funds from the broker presently handling them, and replace with another.

- It was moved to table the substitute motion and postpone further consideration of the management of the funds, pending a report to the board by the Finance Committee. This was seconded and passed unanimously.

- Wood reminded the board that it decided last year to allocate half of the tuition taken in to the course instructor and noted (1) we need to consider whether we need to make up that revenue, (2) whether this is working to encourage instructors to recruit students, and (3) whether this policy should be time-limited.


9. The meeting was adjourned.



Minutes respectfully submitted by Marilyn Frye, board secretary.


Note: it is MPC policy that Board meetings are open to all MPC members. Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MPC members may speak at meetings, time permitting.