November 2012




Meeting of the Board

Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI

November 11, 2012




Meeting opened at 9:00 a.m.  Present, MPC  Board members: David Freiband, Sonya Freiband,  Ralph Hutchison, David Klein, Michele Rivette, Elizabeth Waiess, Peter Wood (acting secretary).  Past President: M. Meisels.  Member: Janet Robinson.


1. The minutes of the meeting of September 16, 2012 were corrected and approved unanimously.


2. Treasurer -Michael Rudy

  • Why is the reported tuition so low?  (Peter Wood will check on this with the Registrar and Treasurer).
  • Processing fees for returned Google checks are high ($17/check). This raises concern about the costs of future events that might get cancelled, as the Wachtel conference was.
  • Fees for the last East Lansing scientific meeting seem high.  It would be good to get an itemized list of expenses for each scientific meeting.


3. President - Elizabeth Waiess


  • Enbloc vote for motions passed electronically.  Sonya Freiband moved that the motions electronically passed since the last board meeting be formally approved. Peter Wood seconded.  They were passed unanimously.  The motions are listed below:


Motion:  I move Motion by Michele Rivette (Programs):

Move for approval that we rent the Vandenberg room at the Michigan League for the November 11, 2012 program (cost: $250 rent + catering)

Sonya  Freiband seconded.  Motion passed.

Motion by Michael Rudy (Treasurer):

I request authorization from the Board to borrow $5000 from the development fund in order to have sufficient cash in the checking account to meet our regular operating expenses over the next month, pending the receipt of membership dues. And I further request that $3,000 be withdrawn from the Development Fund to be deposited as a retainer to meet the expenses associated with our certification application.

Seconded by Ralph Hutchison.

Motion passed


Motion by Peter Wood:

I move that the MPC Board allocate $50 to Reena Liberman to support Cinema Talk events.

Seconded by David Klein

Motion passed.


Motion by Michele Rivette:

That the board not meet in October 2012.

Seconded by Laura Pierce.

Motion passed.


  • Three-year Retreat 2013:  Presented by Sonya Freiband.  Sonya outlined possibilities for a venue for the 2013 retreat, and the Board empowered her on the spot to make a decision.  She opted for the University Club in East Lansing, a departure from the usual retreat venue, which has been up to now been in distant retreat settings.  She emphasized that she will not be helping design the program for the retreat, so such a person needs to be found.


  • Letterhead stationery:  Jennifer Rahn will let us know when she has a file ready for those who want it.


  • 2013 Dues.   Jennifer Rahn has asked Paper Image to get these into the mail by November 13.   Options for payment will be paper and via website.



4. Past President –  Murray Meisels

Michael Rudy’s presentation was a great vehicle for attracting new people.  How can we do more of this kind of thing?  Money and practice issues are great draws, and present an opportunity to show the analytic take on such issues. Pros and cons of focusing on such presentations were discussed.

Accreditation (Ralph Hutchison) – A meeting was held November 10 of the small group which had originally agreed to consider accreditation.  Ralph’s report is appended.


5. President Elect – David Klein – no report


6. Education and Training –  Peter Wood

  • MPC has reached the point where there are not enough candidates to fill classes, and the T&C Committee is looking for way to address this.
  • The reorganization of the T&E committee requires the addition of a Chair of Adult analysis.  We are still searching for the person to fill this role.  In this regard, Maria Slowiaczek has agreed to Chair the Psychotherapy Program.
  • A revised version of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program is slated to be launched next fall.  T&E will see how it might be connected with the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program.


7. Programs – Michelle Rivette


Paul Wachtel has been reimbursed for his air ticket.  We will hope that he is able to use the money for his next ticket to present to MPC.  But on that score, there is no news about his health.


8. Certification – Sonya Freiband


Ivan Sherick was approved for MPC certification as both an adult and child analyst.


9. Committee Reports

  • Membership:  No Report
  • Elections – Marybeth Atwell

Atwell reminds us that nominations are needed.  An electronic nomination ballot has been sent out to membership.

  • PCD:  No Report

Bulletin:  David Klein

The Bulletin is forging ahead and should come out early in the new year.

  • Website – No Report
  • Social Action – No Report
  • Gender  & Diversity: No Report
  • Newsletter: (Barbara Gamble, editor)

The editor Newsletter Editor asks what the Board would like to see in the Newsletter.  Suggestions included articles on Sander Breiner, on accreditation, on the Relational Psychotherapy Program, and on benefits of training in the analytic program (several people might contribute to such an article).

  • Parliamentarian & Bylaws:  no report
  • Strategic Planning:  no report
  • Bylaw Committee.  No Report
  • Library Committee – No Report


10. New Business - none


The meeting was adjourned. 10:40 a.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Peter Wood, acting secretary.


Note:  it is MPC policy that Board meetings are open to all MPC members.  Priority is given to Board members to address issues, but all MPC members may speak at meetings, time permitting.