Volume Eight • 2012

Volume Eight •  Table of Contents
  1.      Editor’s Introduction       
                     David Klein, Ph.D.
 3        Emotional Muscle for Therapists — A Strength-Based Learning Model for Treatment
                    Jack Novick, Ph.D. and Kerry Kelly Novick
 24      Remembering, Repeating, and Working Through: Piecing Together the Fragments of      Traumatic Memory
                   Marilyn Charles, Ph.D.
55      Old Age
                   Ivan Sherick, Ph.D.
 59     Music as a Component of Psychodynamic Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury
                   Sander J. Breiner, M.D.
 68     The Primacy of Psychoanalytic Intervention in Recovery from the Psychoses and  Schizophrenias
                   Patricia L. Gibbs, Ph.D.
 99     Skin of Hate, Skin of Love
                   Peter C. Wood, L.M.S.W.
 117   Trauma and Mastery Through Music: Beethoven, His Deafness, and His Symphonies
                    Evangeline J. Spindler, M.D.
                    Alvin Curtis Spindler, M.D.
                    Robert E. Weinstein, M.D.
Candidate’s Graduation Paper
 143    The Electronically Mediated Couch: Gains and Losses 
           or The Incredible Twenty-First Century Transformation of the Body Ego
                   Reena Liberman, M.S.
Guest Feature
 170    Knowing Oneself from the Inside Out, Knowing Oneself from the Outside In 
           The “Inner” and “Outer” Worlds and their Link Through Action
                   Paul L. Wachtel, Ph.D.
Book Review
191      Vital Parenting
            A review of Kenneth Barish’s Pride & Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Emotions and Solving Family Problems
                   Michael Bambery, Ph.D
195    Widening the Impact of Psychoanalytic Therapy
           A review of Paul Wachtel's Inside the Session: What Really Happens in Psychotherapy
                   Robert Cohen, Ph.D.

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