Volume Three • Fall 2007


Volume Three - Table of Contents 
1 Bulletin Confidentiality Statement
3 Supervising Therapists Treating the Severely Mentally Ill
 Bertram P. Karon, Ph.D.
26 Clinical Work with Dissociative Disorders: A Short Discussion of Advancements in Treatment
 Elizabeth A. Waiess, Psy.D.
37 Memory of Horror: Thoughts on Traumatic Memory
 Peter Wood, L.M.S.W.
44 From Playing Out to Playing With: Transforming Enactments Into Play
 Jean Wixom, Ph.D.
66 Working Psychodynamically with Infertility
 Irving G. Leon, Ph.D.
97 When Selfishness Isn’t Selfish: Embracing “Self-ful” Desire 
 Julia E. Davies, Ph.D.
118    The Therapist’s Patience
      David B. Klein, Ph.D.
Book Review
143 Freud’s Requiem: Mourning, Memory, and the Invisible History of a Summer Walk, 
 by Matthew von Unwerth
 Karin Ahbel-Rappe, Ph.D., M.S.S.W.
Film Essays
150 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor,
 Your Huddled Masses
 Yearning to Breathe Free...
 I Think
 Some Thoughts on the Film Crash
      Merton A. Shil, M.D.
156 The Secret that Everybody Knows: Girl with a Pearl Earring
      Merton A. Shil, M.D.

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