Volume Six • Fall 2010


Volume Six • Table of Contents




1     “Object”? I Object
               Arthur S. Brickman, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.


21   Why Would I Want to do That!? A Case Study of Transference Resistance
               Sonya M. Freiband, Ph.D.


41    The Concept of Psychological Safety in Development and Treatment
               David B. Klein, Ph.D.


68    The Revelation of T: Follow-up of a Case Presentation with Gender Undisclosed
               Ellen L. K. Toronto, Ph.D.


87    Intersubjectivity and the Ego
               Merton A. Shill, Ph.D.


112  Crime and Punishment: Franz Kafka and His Dead Brothers
               Alvin Curtis Spindler, M.D. and Evangeline J. Spindler, M.D.


Guest Features


140  The Brain’s Shared Circuits of Interpersonal Understanding: Implications for Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
              Regina Pally, M.D.


175   Gender Now
             Ken Corbett, Ph.D.


Book Review


196   Moving Beyond the Default Position: Paul Wachtel’s Integrative Psychoanalysis
             Robert Cohen, Ph.D.


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