Basic Concepts Syllabus

 Basic Concepts in Psychoanalysis


Instructor: David Klein Ph.D.
1207 Packard, Ann Arbor


Wednesdays, 9:30-11AM   Nov.24-Feb. 9, 2010


Books to Purchase:


1) Brenner, Charles (1973). An elementary textbook of psychoanalysis (revised and expanded edition). NY: Anchor Books.


2) Sandler, J.; Dare, C.; & Holder, A. (1992). The Patient and the Analyst (revised and expanded). London: Karnac Books


Part I: Concepts of The Mind
Week 1: November 24
Brenner, Charles (1973). An elementary textbook of psychoanalysis (revised and expanded edition). NY: Anchor Books. Chapters 1, 2, 3. (pp.1-56).


Week 2: December 1
Brenner, C. Chapters 4, 5 (pp.57-126).


Week 3: December 8
Brenner, C. Chapters 7, 8.( 149-193).


Kris, A. (1982). Free Association: Method and Process. New Haven: Yale. Chapter 4, The method of free association. (pp.22-30).


Week 4: December 15
Harmann, Heinz (1958) . Ego psychology and the problem of adaptation. NY: IUP
Chapter 1: The conflict-free ego sphere p.3-21
Chapter 2; Adaptation p.22-37


Rapaport, David (1967). In The collected papers. NY: Basic Books
The theory of ego autonomy p.722-744


Week 5: December 22
Brenner, C. (1982). The mind in conflict. Conn.: International U. Press.
Chapter 7: Compromise formations (pp.109-119).
Chapter 9: Pathological Compromise Formations (p.142-161).


Part II: Core Clinical Concepts


Week 6: January 12 - Treatment Alliance


Sandler, J., Dare, C. & Holder, A. (1992). The treatment Alliance. In The patient and the analyst. (revised and expanded). Chapter 3 (pp. 23-36).


Sterba, R. The Fate of the Ego in Analytic Therapy. In Langs, R. (Ed.) (1981, 1990). Classics in psychoanalytic technique. NJ: Aronson. (pp.265-270).


Greenson, R. (1965). The working alliance and the Transference Neurosis. In Langs, R.(Ed.) Classics in psychoanalytic technique. (pp.279-290).


Week 7: January 19 - Resistance
Sandler, Holder, & Dare.
Chapter 7: Resistance (pp.99-120).


Sharpe, E. (1950, 1978). Survey of Defence-Mechanisms…Evaluation of Pre-Conscious Material. In Collected papers, chapter 3 (pp.38-52).


Week 8: January 26 - Transference
Sandler, Holder, & Dare. Chapters 4 : Transference (pp.37-60).


Cooper, A. (1987). Changes in psychoanalytic ideas: Transference interpretation. JAPA, 35, 77-98.


Week 9: February 2 - Countertransference


Sandler, Holder, & Dare. Chapter : Countertransference (pp.81-98).


Racker, H. The Meanings and Uses of Countertransference. In Transference and Countertransference (1968). Conn: IUP (pp.127-174).


Week 10: February 9 -Working Through
Sandler, Holder, & Dare.
Chapter : Working Through (pp.175-186).


Fromm-Reichman, Frieda (1950). In Principles of intensive psychotherapy. (Pp140-145). The Process of Working Through


Fenichel, O. (1941). Problems of psychoanalytic technique. NY: Psychoanalytic Quarterly. (pp.76-97). Working Through and some Special Technical Problems.