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Psychotherapy Program

  MPC is an interdisciplinary society for training in psychoanalysis and study in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  The Michigan Psychonalytic Council (MPC) offers advanced study in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.  The courses expose the student to a combination of classic and contemporary orientations in theory.  In addition, the courses involve the student in a high level of clinical consultation.  Students will have the opportunity to present clinical material.  Fifty percent of each class is given to consultation on case material.  The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Program (PPS) courses are taught by experienced psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, all members of MPC.

Training Requirements

 PPS offers two certificates. The Basic Certificate of Study is offered to those students who complete the courses listed in the first year curriculum, a total of 30 units of study, Each unit equals an hour and a half of class time. The Advanced Certificate of Study is offered to those students who meet the following requirements:

-Completion of the first year courses-30 units.

-Completion of the second year courses-30 units.

-A minimum of 50 hours of individual psychotherapy.*

-Completion of 35 hours of individual supervision to be completed with an MPC approved supervisor.

*The personal therapy may be completed prior to entry into PPS. The student may submit a request to the Training Committee for a decision on acceptance of prior therapy.


Admission to PPS

Requirements for admission to PPS are
1) be a licensed mental health professional or involved in a structured professional plan to become licensed, i.e. in a graduate program or in a program of supervision, etc., and
2) be a member of MPC.

Application forms can be obtained from the Co-Chairs of PPS or can be accessed on-line.


Flexibility is a valued component of PPS. Courses will be offered on a schedule that may include weekly classes as well as intensive weekend classes or other arrangements. The determination will be made by the faculty with approval of the PPS Co-Chairs. Students will direct their individual course of study and decide how many courses to take in a year. Courses will be scheduled on a two-year cycle.

 First Year Courses

 Freud theory, 3 units: Object Relations theory, 4 units; Relational theory, 4 units; Infant Development, 3 units; Child Development, 3 units; Transference/Countertransference, 6 units; Trauma, 4 units; Gender Issues, 3 units.*  To register for a course, click here

Second Year Courses

 Self Psychology theory, 4 units; Dreams, 4 units; Adolescent Development, 3 units; Adult Development, 3 units; Older Adult Development, 3 units; Technique, 9 units; Cultural Issues, 2 units; Ethics, 2 units.*  To register for a course, click here

 *Each unit equals 90 minutes of class time.        



 Students may and are encouraged to request a mentor from the MPC list of mentors.

 Financial Considerations

Course fees must be paid in full prior to the first meeting. In case of financial hardship, the student may petition the registrar for special arrangements. Student fees for supervision and personal psychotherapy are arranged individually with the therapist or supervisor.

Participation in MPC

All PPS students are welcome and encouraged to participate in MPC activities. There are many opportunities in the MPC community.

The Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Program (PPS) is designed with a great deal of flexibility. While some courses will be scheduled in the traditional manner, other courses will be scheduled in order to attend the needs of professionals who have been interested but not been able to participate in programs due to time and/or distance problems.


For more information or to request an application to take classes in the PPS program, please write, call or send an e-message stating your request to one of the Co-Chairs.



PPS Co-Chairs

                                                           518 LaSalle Blvd.  &  725 S. Adams S-270                                 4031 W. Main St. Ste. 300
Lansing, MI                Birmingham, MI                                       
P.O. Box 19155
48912                         48009                                                    Kalamazoo, MI 49019-0155
(517) 484-5065           (248) 835-5381                                        (269) 342-8977





MPC-PPS disavows any orthodoxy and welcomes all significant viewpoints in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.