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Study Groups

MPC Regional Study Group Roster - 2006

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Leaders: Murray Meisels, Ph.D. and Hugh McPherson, ACSW

Focus: Varies; see below

Phone: 734-741-1919 (Murray) and  734-761-8813 (Hugh)

Time: Third Thursday, monthly, 9:30-11:00 AM

Place: 442 South Fourth Avenue , Ann Arbor.

This group has been meeting since 1999 with six active members, currently:

Topic issues are decided upon week to week, with a focus on clinical work and experience of being a therapist in an unhurried, uncluttered manner. There is a level of comfort, intensity, self-revelation that is productive for the members.

Leader: Lynne G. Tenbusch, Ph.D.

Peer consultation group. Minimum five years analytic experience required. No fee.

Phone: 734-973-3232

                           *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *

Birmingham, Michigan

Leader: Franklin Sollars, Ph.D.

Focus: Analytic cases and papers; see below

Phone: 248-646-9322

Time: First Monday, monthly, 7-8:45PM

Place: 725 South Adams, Birmingham

This is a core group with some members attending intermittently. The group began by studying analytic papers, but finds that getting feedback about cases is the most exciting and productive for them. New members welcomed.

Leader: Suanne Zager, MSW, BCD

Focus: Psychoanalytic literature as well as clinical material will be discussed.

Time:  Third Thursday of every month. 7-9pm.

Phone: 248-835-5381.  Call for details.

                        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Focus: Varies; see below

Contact Person: Arlene Oosting, MSW

Phone: 616-827-9298

This group has been meeting for several years and continues to enjoy exploring psychoanalytic literature and discussing it in relation to clinical cases. Meeting times and places vary to accommodate members and share responsibilities. New members are welcome at the discretion of the group.