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MPC Professional & Community Development

Schedule of Classes - Fall 2004

Transference and Countertransference in Brief

Instructor: Suanne Zager, MSW
Date: September 18,2004
Length of class: 7 weeks
Location: Birmingham
Information: Suanne Zager, MSW at 517.484.5063 or e-mail at
Fee: $158 Student $105

Course Description: Exploration in brief of the basic concepts of transference and countertransference -- the patient's reaction to the analyst and the analyst's reaction to the patient.

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Psychoanalytically Informed Play Therapy With Traumatized or Stressed Children

Instructor: Elizabeth Waiess, Psy.D.
Class Meeting Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Thursdays
Term: 3 session, September 23, October 21, November 18, 2004
Location: 4990 Northwind Drive, East Lansing
Information: Call Dr. Waiess at 517.336.9930, or email:
Fee: $68 Student: $45

Course Description: This course will present the opportunity to read and discuss play therapy with traumatized or stressed children. Examples of traumatization include physical and sexual abuse, conflicted divorce or marriage of parents. There will be required reading and participants will be asked to discuss clinical cases. Participants are working professionals and gruaduate students who are working with patients. A reading list will be provided at the time of enrollment.

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Journaling toward Psychological and Spiritual Health: An Introduction to Writing without the Internal Editor

Instructor: Lynne Tenbusch, Ph.D.
Class Meeting Times: To be determined
Term: 4 weeks, beginning on October, 2004
Location: 2301 S. Huron Pkwy., Ann Arbor
Information: Call Lynne Tenbusch, Ph.D. at 734.973.3232, or email:
Fee: $90 Student: $60

Course Description: The goals are two-fold: 1) learn to journal toward psychological and or spiritual growth, 2) learn to write free of editorial concern. I will provide prompts for those who desire psychological expansion and different prompts for those interested in spiritual enhancement. Participants can follow my prompts or write about their own ideas and concerns. Class time will be divided into writing time, reading time and discussion. Participants will choose whether to share what they have written as well as whether they want feedback

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Psychology of Investing

Instructor: Lynne Tenbusch, Ph.D.
Class Meeting Times: to be determined
Term: 4 weeks, one hour
Location: 2301 S. Huron Pkwy., Ann Arbor
Information: Call Lynne Tenbusch, Ph.D. at 734.973.3232, or email:
Fee: $90 Student: $60

Course Description: Overview of the dynamics involved in making investment decisions. To better enable investors to use rather than deny their feelings about risk -- also a definition of risk.

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Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis

Instructor: Diane Burgermeister, Ph.D., CS
Date: September 23-October 27, 2004
Length of class: 6 weeks
Location: 31487 Northwestern Hwy., Ste. A, Farmington Hills
Information: Diane Burgermeister, Ph.D., CS at 248.855.1695
Fee: $135 Student $90

Course Description: The class will examine the relationship between attachment theory and psychoanalyis and discuss Peter Fonagy's writing in the book Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis, 2001. We will discuss psychoanalytic approaches from Freud to Daniel Stern and also review Lichtenberg's 1983 work, Psychoanalysis and Infant Research. The goal of the class is to integrate theory with clinical work.

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