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Board Minutes:



Meeting of the Board

Michigan Union

Ann Arbor

November 18, 2001


Present: R. Hooberman, M. Charles, K. Baker, R. Rosenthal, M. Meisels, S.Boyd, J. Robinson, P. Wood,  S. Trylch, D. Drayson, B. Karon, P. Marciniak.


I.                    Minutes of Previous Meeting – Minutes approved as read.  Minutes will be sent to all MPC members via e-mail, and hard copies to Board members.


It was announced that Ed Gibeau, EdD had resigned as Certification Chair.

Motion: To approve Ruth Rosenthal as new Certification Chair.

Motion Passed.


II.                 Peter Wood, MSW, reported on MPC’s newly revised website.  Current announcements will be accessible by search engine by year’s end.  Updates will be provided via report to the board as well as at the website itself after Christmas.  Minutes of the Board meetings will be available for download, and the names of accepted Candidates will be available in the announcement section.


III.               President’s Report – Robert Hooberman, PhD

Robert reported that Dr. Cohen of Madonna College has requested that MPC psychologists be accessible for supervision of students in Madonna’s Psychoanalytic Master’s Program.


IV.              Murray Meisels, PhD reported that there would be a MPS panel discussion of Dr. Melvin Bornstein’s paper “The Problem of Narcissism in Psychoanalytic Institutes” would be presented in Farmington on December 6th at 8PM.

Murray reported on schools with which MPC could enter an agreement to offer a PhD in psychoanalysis or psychology to those who have completed MPC’s analytic training and are interested in completing basic requirements and a dissertation.  The schools discussed were University of Wisconsin, Union Institute, and the possibility of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.  Robert will contact Gertrude Pollitt.  Such an arrangement could attract many students to MPC, as well as present change to our institute.


V.                 Treasurer’s Report – David Klein, PhD

Fund Totals:  

  Operations Fund:                              $  13,368.00

                          Development Fund:                             $   36,306.00

                          Cunningham Fund:                              $    3,120.00


There are 47 paid members so far for 2001.


VI.              President Elect – Diane Drayson, A.M.

Diane reported that she had been impressed with Dennis Shelby’s paper on homosexuality at the Self Psychology Conference she had attended.  There had also been a Kohut Memorial Tribute “Hollywood on the Couch”, a very funny history of psychoanalysis in L.A.


VII.            Past President – Ellen Toronto, PhD

Ellen discussed the four member organizations of the Psychoanalytic Consortium having ratified the Standards of Psychoanalytic Education, eliminating language that created a two-tiered training system.  Different training models were given equal status within bounds of required frequency of no less than 3 times weekly sessions.


VIII.         Vice President for Education and Training – Janet Robinson, PhD

Janet announced Michelle Rivette, ACSW as a new MPC candidate.


IX.              Vice President for Programs – Marilyn Charles, PhD

Marilyn noted that Joseph Palombo would be presenting to MPC January 20th, from 9:30-1:00PM.  Board meeting set for 8:00AM the 20th.


X.                 Member at Large and Publicity Chair – Karen Baker, MSW

Karen discussed the possibility of having MPC presentation, information at Border’s Books in Ann Arbor, Detroit.


XI.              Member at Large and Membership Chair – Susan Boyd, MSW

Susan announced that there would be a luncheon honoring new candidates and welcoming new members following January’s meeting.  


XII.            Nominations and Elections – Lynne Tenbusch, PhD

Lynne reported that nominations were coming in, with ballots to be mailed in December.  She stated that the Ann Arbor News finally ran MPC’s ad offering free crisis consultations to those affected by the September 11 tragedies.

Lynne noted that Karen Baker and Scott Trylch are out-going members at large, whose positions will need to be filled by the upcoming elections.


XIII.         Member at Large – Bertram Karon, PhD

Bert reported having taken part in analytic talks at Rush Presbyterian, and that psychoanalytic activity in Michigan is perceived as being very active.


No other new or old business was raised and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Patricia Marciniak, MSW              




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