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Archived minutes



Meeting of the BoardMichigan State University

University Club

January 19, 2003


Present: J. Davies, J. Heavenrich, R. Rosenthal, D. Drayson, K. Koepele, B. Karon, S. Wasung, M. Charles, R. Hooberman, S. Boyd, B. Lepisto, M. Rivette, K. Baker, D. Klein, F. Sollars, P. Marciniak.

Minutes from November meeting were read and approved as read.

President’s Report – R. Hooberman, Ph.D.

Robert brought an offer from MPI to co-sponsor a one-day seminar by Michael Eigen, Ph.D. at a cost to MPC of approximately $1500. The board voted to decline, but expressed its interest in planning a co-sponsored event in the future.

Robert noted a letter from Glen Gabbard, IJP, calling for ideas for projects that IJP could collaborate upon with MPC.

Robert also stated he had received a request from Etta Saxe, Ph.D., for MPC to take a stand on mandatory education for psychologists. It was decided that members could do this as individuals.

Vice President for Education and Training – J. Robinson, Ph.D.

Janet noted that there are 27 registrations for Winter semester courses, and that courses scheduled for next year are Technique II, Transference and Countertransference, Continuous Case Seminar, and Freud’s Papers and Cases.

Treasurer’s Report – S. Boyd, M.A. (See attached)

Susan noted that Dr. Trevetti’s and Dr. Sherick’s names need to be added to the membership list.

Susan requested approval of funds to buy bookshelves for books donated by Mary Ensroth, approved.

The board agreed to sell the mailing list to MSU School of Social Work for it’s upcoming seminar.

Kathy Koepele noted that Metapsychological Profiles course fees would cover the instructor fees, and that MPC is underwriting teleconferencing costs.

V. Candidate Representative – M. Rivette, MSW

Michele noted needs of new candidates to feel welcome. Efforts of members to invite candidates to meetings as well as board meetings were discussed.

Publicity Chair – K. Baker, MSW

Publicity Financial Report for 2002 was submitted (See attached), but will need updating to include brochure expenses. Karen requested an additional $1,000.00 for 2003 budget.

Michele Rivette volunteered to form a liaison committee with U.of M School of Social Work.


Professional and Community Development Chair and Member at Large – B.Lepisto, Psy.D.

Brenda submitted a schedule of classes for Winter 2003 (See attached) She noted there have been 5 calls regarding classes. She will be sending a letter requesting course proposals in the near future.

Member at Large – F. Sollars, Ph.D.

Frank discussed plans to visit Union Institute in Cincinnati on Jan. 24. He invited anyone who wanted to go and also invited questions members might have regarding Union Institute’s doctoral offerings to MPC analysts.

Member at Large – J. Davies, Ph.D.

Julia is working on the banquet scheduled for June 7, 2003

Nominations and Elections – L. Tenbusch, Ph.D.

Robert reported for Lynne that ballots would go out next week.

Newsletter Editor – Sheila Wasung, M.S.W.

Sheila reported the newsletter is not yet ready as there have been printing difficulties.

Janet will be disseminating updated MPC policy manual at February meeting to be discussed in March. The March meeting may need to be extended fifteen minutes to accommodate this discussion.

Candidate recruitment will take place in East Lansing on 02/05, Ann Arbor on 02/12, and Birmingham on 03/08

New Business

There was discussion regarding improving MPC visibility in the Detroit area. The board agreed to schedule Board and Scientific meeting in Birmingham next year. It was also suggested that Cranbrook Institute might be interested in offering our Community Development courses.

Kathy noted that Karin Ahbel had shared that Strachey had translated Freud’s idea regarding "productivity and efficiency" in error, that Freud’s words more accurately referred to a "talent for living." What a difference!

No other new or old business was raised and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Marciniak, MSW

Recording Secretary


Meeting of the Board

Michigan State University

University Club

November 17, 2002


Present: P. Wood, B. Lepisto, M. Charles, M. Zerba, D. Drayson, E. Toronto, B. Meisels, M. Meisels, R. Rosenthal, J. Robinson, S. Boyd, R. Hooberman, K. Baker, J. Davies, P. Marciniak.

Minutes from the October meeting were read and approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Boyd, M.A. (See attached)

Murray reported that he has reviewed MPC by-laws and has no recommendations at this time.

Murray noted that the South American Psychoanalytic is growing and does not favor the four time per week analytic requirement, pushing IPA to change.

Marilyn recommended that the by-law specifying alternation of gender in the office of president be discontinued. Discussion yielded a decision to make this a part of the agenda at the regular retreat in June 2004.

President’s Report – Robert Hooberman, Ph.D.

Robert announced the new date for upcoming retreat as May 10, 2003.

Past President’s Report – Ellen Toronto, Ph.D.

Ellen stated that AAPI has not decided to divide into two groups as was considered to facilitate credentialing. She encouraged members to join as individuals. The following are addresses:

E-Mail – [email protected]

Website –

Sheila Wasung M.S.W. brought a request from Robert Cohen, Ph.D., Madonna College, to announce a low fee clinic that is being developed attached to their Masters Program.

Member at Large – Brenda Lepisto, Psy.D.

Brenda submitted a final report on Professional and Community Development Committee (See attached.

Brenda also discussed A Home Within, a program which she suggested MPC consider adopting and/or modifying (See attached)

Vice President for Education and Training – Janet Robinson, Ph.D.

Janet stated that the committee is working on updating MPC’s Training Policy Manual, which will be brought to the Board for approval upon completion.

Janet also reported that there are 21 registrations and 1 alternate for Winter Semester, 2003.

Susan Boyd stated that she will be picking up books donated by Mary Ensroth, and find a room to be rented and utilized for volumes donated to MPC.

Candidate Representative – Peter Wood, M.S.W.

Peter announced he is presenting new members on MPC website by way of introducing them to the general membership. He also requested biographical information from continuing members as a way of introducing them to new members.

Member at Large – Franklin Sollars, Ph.D.

Frank reported his contact with Union Institute. Union’s Vice President for Academic Affairs has requested a delay until mid-December.

There was no further new or old business and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia M. Marciniak, MSW




Meeting of the Board

Union Building

University of Michigan

September 17, 2001



Present: R. Hooberman, M. Meisels, P. Wood, M. Charles, E. Gibeau, K. Baker,             R. Rosenthal, D. Drayson, J. Robinson, K. Koepele, D. Klein, J. Heavenrich,

S. Wasung, C. Piper-Curtis, S. Pierson, F. Sollars, S. Trylch, S. Boyd, P. Marciniak.


I.                     Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Read and approved.


II.                  President’s Report – Robert Hooberman, Ph.D.

Robert reported that the Extension Course Committee, made up of K. Baker, M. Meisels, F. Sollars and himself is shooting for beginning to offer extension courses next spring.

Robert met with Dr. Cohen of Madonna College’s Master’s in Clinical Psych program to discuss MPC involvement.

Robert stated that there would be an annual award given to the MPC member who has made the greatest contribution for the year.  The committee will be comprised of 2-3 past presidents and a candidate representative.

Lynn Tenbusch, Ph.D. will take over as Vice President for Nominations.

Robert also stated that Etta Saxe will be taking over MPI’s Joint Programs, and that a joint MPC/MPI venture with Visiting Professor Warren Poland may be possible.


III.                Website Committee Report – Peter Wood, MSW

Peter recommended that the website be made more serviceable and available for search engines at an additional cost of $900. 


IV.               Treasurer’s Report – David Klein, Ph.D.

Fund Totals:

                  Operations Fund                $  6,351.00

                  Development Fund            $37,182.00

                  Cunningham Fund                $  3,002.00

David reported there are 112 dues paying members for 2001.

He also reported that MPC is not exempt from paying sales tax as a non-profit professional organization (501©6). 

David reported that the budget presented at the Retreat was amended to include $2,000. for the newsletter, and $500. to pay instructors, moving it from $1,600. in the black to $900. in the red.

           The $900. for the website is in addition to it’s $300. allocation.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the additional $900.      expenditure for upgrading the website.


V.                  Newsletter Chair – Sheila Wasung, MSW

Sheila proposed a budget for the newsletter.  A proposal for $1500.

for the newsletter to be produced twice yearly was made, seconded and approved.


VI.               Vice President for Education and Training  - Janet Robinson, Ph.D.

See attached.


VII.             Vice President for Programs – Marilyn Charles, Ph.D.

Marilyn submitted the 2001-2002 MPC Calendar.  See attached.


VIII.          Member at Large and Publicity Chair – Karen Baker, MSW

Karen drew the distinction between Marketing and Fundraising. She reported that the Publicity Committee currently consists of L.K. Sorrell, M. Rivette,

L. Rapp, B. Lepisto and herself.

Karen states she will not be functioning in a Fundraising capacity.


IX.               Member at Large and Membership Chair – Susan Boyd, M.A.

Susan reported that the MPC Directory is completed, and that she is currently coordinating MPC’s three mailing lists.


X.                  Member at Large and Registrar – Ruth Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Ruth stated that there are nineteen people enrolled in classes, with twenty-seven enrollments at an estimated $7,350. tuition.


No other new or old business was raised, and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Patricia Marciniak, MSW



Meeting of the Board

Michigan Union

Ann Arbor

November 18, 2001

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Present: R. Hooberman, M. Charles, K. Baker, R. Rosenthal, M. Meisels, S.Boyd, J. Robinson, P. Wood, S. Trylch, D. Drayson, B. Karon, P. Marciniak.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->I.                    <!--[endif]-->Minutes of Previous Meeting – Minutes approved as read. Minutes will be sent to all MPC members via e-mail, and hard copies to Board members.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

It was announced that Ed Gibeau, EdD had resigned as Certification Chair.

Motion: To approve Ruth Rosenthal as new Certification Chair.

Motion Passed.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

<!--[if !supportLists]-->II.                 <!--[endif]-->Peter Wood, MSW, reported on MPC’s newly revised website. Current announcements will be accessible by search engine by year’s end. Updates will be provided via report to the board as well as at the website itself after Christmas. Minutes of the Board meetings will be available for download, and the names of accepted Candidates will be available in the announcement section.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->III.               <!--[endif]-->President’s Report – Robert Hooberman, PhD

Robert reported that Dr. Cohen of Madonna College has requested that MPC psychologists be accessible for supervision of students in Madonna’s Psychoanalytic Master’s Program.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->IV.              <!--[endif]-->Murray Meisels, PhD reported that there would be a MPS panel discussion of Dr. Melvin Bornstein’s paper “The Problem of Narcissism in Psychoanalytic Institutes” would be presented in Farmington on December 6th at 8PM.

Murray reported on schools with which MPC could enter an agreement to offer a PhD in psychoanalysis or psychology to those who have completed MPC’s analytic training and are interested in completing basic requirements and a dissertation. The schools discussed were University of Wisconsin, Union Institute, and the possibility of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis. Robert will contact Gertrude Pollitt. Such an arrangement could attract many students to MPC, as well as present change to our institute.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->V.                 <!--[endif]-->Treasurer’s Report – David Klein, PhD

Fund Totals:

Operations Fund: $ 13,368.00

Development Fund: $ 36,306.00

Cunningham Fund: $ 3,120.00

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

There are 47 paid members so far for 2001.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

<!--[if !supportLists]-->VI.              <!--[endif]-->President Elect – Diane Drayson, A.M.

Diane reported that she had been impressed with Dennis Shelby’s paper on homosexuality at the Self Psychology Conference she had attended. There had also been a Kohut Memorial Tribute “Hollywood on the Couch”, a very funny history of psychoanalysis in L.A.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->VII.            <!--[endif]-->Past President – Ellen Toronto, PhD

Ellen discussed the four member organizations of the Psychoanalytic Consortium having ratified the Standards of Psychoanalytic Education, eliminating language that created a two-tiered training system. Different training models were given equal status within bounds of required frequency of no less than 3 times weekly sessions.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->VIII.         <!--[endif]-->Vice President for Education and Training – Janet Robinson, PhD

Janet announced Michelle Rivette, ACSW as a new MPC candidate.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->IX.              <!--[endif]-->Vice President for Programs – Marilyn Charles, PhD

Marilyn noted that Joseph Palombo would be presenting to MPC January 20th, from 9:30-1:00PM. Board meeting set for 8:00AM the 20th.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->X.                 <!--[endif]-->Member at Large and Publicity Chair – Karen Baker, MSW

Karen discussed the possibility of having MPC presentation, information at Border’s Books in Ann Arbor, Detroit.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->XI.              <!--[endif]-->Member at Large and Membership Chair – Susan Boyd, MSW

Susan announced that there would be a luncheon honoring new candidates and welcoming new members following January’s meeting.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->XII.            <!--[endif]-->Nominations and Elections – Lynne Tenbusch, PhD

Lynne reported that nominations were coming in, with ballots to be mailed in December. She stated that the Ann Arbor News finally ran MPC’s ad offering free crisis consultations to those affected by the September 11 tragedies.

Lynne noted that Karen Baker and Scott Trylch are out-going members at large, whose positions will need to be filled by the upcoming elections.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->XIII.         <!--[endif]-->Member at Large – Bertram Karon, PhD

Bert reported having taken part in analytic talks at Rush Presbyterian, and that psychoanalytic activity in Michigan is perceived as being very active.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

No other new or old business was raised and the meeting was adjourned.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

Respectfully submitted,

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

Patricia Marciniak, MSW

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