Spring Courses


Development 3 - Preadolescent and Adolescent Development
Ann Arbor
6-week seminar taught by Michael Singer, Ph.D.

Fridays, 12-2 p.m., March 21 - April 25, 2014

This course will cover the physical development and physiological changes that affect the psychological challenges that face the child as he/she matures from latency into adolescence. Early, middle, and late adolescent development will be discussed. Various theories of development during these age periods will be discussed.

* †  [A, C, P]


Development 3
Price: $140.00
Shipping: $0

Development 4 - Adult Development
Ann Arbor
10-week seminar taught by Ivan Sherick, Ph.D.

Wednesdays, 12-1:30 p.m., April 16 – June 18, 2014  

This course will explore the developmental issues involved in the transition from late adolescence to old age, focusing on the consolidation of identity, intimacy and work. Various issues of development during these age periods will be discussed. 

* †  [A, C, P]


Development 4
Price: $170.00
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Freud’s Cases, Part 2
Ann Arbor

7-week seminar taught by Sonya Freiband, Ph.D. 

Wednesdays, 10 – 11:30a.m., March 12 - April 23, 2014  

This exploration of Freud’s later case studies will explore how Freud used the cases to work out his basic tenets of psychoanalysis.  Supplementary articles will offer current perspectives on theory, examine the ongoing reassessment of Freud’s cases, and explore implications for clinical practice.

(See Part I for fee, Winter Courses)* †[A, C, P] 22.5 CE credits in combination with Part 1


Basic Concepts in Psychoanalysis  
East Lansing
10-week seminar taught by Margretann Sweet, M.A.

Meets on Mondays, 9-10:30 a.m., February 10 – April 21, 2014

 This course will emphasize the importance of the unconscious and its universal power in determining human behavior.  In this course concepts such as psychic determinism, topographic and structural theory, intrapsychic conflict, defense and symptom formation will be discussed.  Other concepts such as Oedipal dynamics, phasic development (oral, anal, and phallic will be covered as well.

* †[A, C, P ]  15 CE credits pending


Basic Concepts
Price: $170.00
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(E) = Elective         [A– Adult analysis; C– Child analysis; P—Psychotherapy]
* Denotes a required course in the Adult Psychoanalysis Training Program
** Denotes a required course in the Child Psychoanalysis Training Program
§ Denotes a required course in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program