Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Training Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


The MPC training program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy is intended to give experienced therapists grounding in psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy.  The structure of the program reflects the traditional psychoanalytic tri-partite training approach, namely personal psychotherapy, coursework, and supervision.

The training part of the program is largely self-directed.  While students are asked to take a minimum of ten courses, they are encouraged to take more, and are encouraged to talk to their supervisor or a member of the Training and Certification Committee about which courses might be most helpful to them. A suggested curriculum is offered below.

Requirements for MPC certification as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist are:

  1. At least 10 courses offered by MPC in its psychoanalytic training program, plus the course in Ethics. 

  2. At least 200 hours over two or more years of psychoanalytic therapy with an MPC analyst, certified psychoanalytic psychotherapist, or suitable other (minimum once per week, two or more times per week is optimal).  MPC considers it of utmost importance that the personal psychotherapy be a private, meaningful, and safe experience. Hence, it is MPC policy that the candidate’s therapist not be involved in discussions or decisions about the candidate. Also, a candidate cannot take a Continuous Case Seminar with his/her psychotherapist, but may take other courses. Similarly, the personal psychotherapist should not supervise or have previously supervised the candidate; therapy and supervision with the same psychotherapist will not be given credit toward the completion of either requirement. The only communication allowed between the personal psychotherapist and MPC is in reference to the number of treatment hours completed and their frequency. These policies are designed to protect the integrity of the personal psychotherapy

  3. One 10-week term of continuous case conference.

  4. Supervision of a psychodynamically conducted case for 100 hours or more, supervision to be conducted by an MPC analyst or certified psychotherapist.  A case must be continuously supervised for 40 or more hours to satisfy the supervision requirement. Supervision must be completed during candidacy. Candidates who present at the on-going case in a Continuous Case Seminar may count those hours toward the required hours if further individual sessions with the same supervisor are accumulated to a total of 40 hours or more.  Candidates may have more than one supervisor during the conduct of a case, but each supervisor must be seen at a minimum of 40 hours. 


Suggested Curriculum in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The suggested curriculum is meant to introduce the Candidate to core concepts and skills in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  Selecting from the bold-faced courses below, a student would take a minimum of eight courses in addition to the Ethics course.  Two additional courses based on the student’s own interests would fulfill the certification requirements.

For information on each of these courses, click on "Course Descriptions" in the Analytic Training module on the upper right corner of this page.

Ethics 3 weeks (required)

Basic Concepts in Psychoanalysis - 10 weeks

Psychopathology, Symptom Development and Assessment - 10 weeks

At least one of the following: (students are strongly encouraged to take more than one of these, so as to gain perspective on the varied approaches to therapy now current in the psychodynamic field):

Ego Psychology - 10 weeks

Self Psychology - 10 weeks

Object Relations - 10 weeks

Relational - 10 weeks


Psychoanalytic Process - 10 weeks

Termination 10 weeks

At least one course in development:

Developmental-infancy, childhood and adolescence - 30 weeks

                Infancy and toddlerhood - 6 weeks

                Preschool and latency - 8 weeks

                Preadolescent and adolescent - 8 weeks

                Adult development - 8 weeks

Psychoanalytic Relationship & Transference-Countertransference  -   2 @ 10 week courses = 20 weeks. Counts as two courses.


Additional courses offered by MPC:

Technique: Beginning an analysis - 10 weeks
Progression in Psychoanalytic Thought - 10 weeks
Freud’s Papers/Cases - 3 courses at 10 weeks, Early, Mid, Late, including cases = 30 weeks (counts as three courses)
Dreams in Clinical Practice - 10 weeks
Treatment of Neuroses - 10 weeks
Treatment of Character, Narcissistic and Borderline Disorders - 15 weeks
Introduction to Contemporary Analytic Theory of Gender and Sexuality - 10 weeks
Psychoanalytic writing - 5 weeks (may not be used to satisfy minimum requirements in psychoanalytic psychotherapy)
Various other electives.  Typically they are 10 weeks each.