Candidate Requirements


Scientific Paper:
Adult and Child Psychoanalysis Training Programs
The candidate is required to write a psychoanalytic paper, relevant to his or her course of study, to be read at a scientific meeting or of sufficient quality that it could be submitted for publication. Candidates may ask for assistance from analysts and advisors in completing this project. The paper should be submitted to the Vice President of Certification whether or not it has been presented or published. The Vice President will appoint two analysts to review the paper and make a recommendation regarding its suitability to satisfy this requirement.
The paper should address some idea, review and integrate pertinent literature, and perhaps use case material as supporting evidence. The paper may be theoretical, clinical, or applied.
Candidate Forum on Training:
Adult and Child Psychoanalysis Programs
Candidates will meet at least twice during the academic year with representatives of the Training and Certification Committee. The forum is the most immediate and effective opportunity for candidates to communicate and collaborate with the analysts who are involved in providing training. The goals of these meetings are to enhance accurate communication between candidates and analysts, to allow for their collaborative efforts to strengthen and enrich the Training Program, and to build working alliances which can contribute to the future well-being of our organization. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.
Participation in MPC:
Adult and Child Psychoanalysis Programs
The candidate is expected to attend MPC functions, including monthly Scientific Meetings, special workshops, candidate meetings and such other Council activities which may be scheduled from time to time.
The expectation of participation in MPC activities is based on the view that a psychoanalytic education includes opportunities to interact with peers, colleagues, and analysts. In general, the candidate is expected and encouraged to become an active participant in the MPC community.
Policy and Procedures:
Adult and Psychoanalysis Programs
A Policy Handbook with detailed specifications of the Training Program will be provided to all candidates and is available upon request from others.