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MPC is an interdisciplinary society for training and accreditation in psychoanalysis.

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The Michigan Psychoanalytic Council (MPC) offers advanced training in psychoanalytic theory and technique for an interdisciplinary group of mental health professionals. The courses expose students to a combination of classical and contemporary orientations.   Students may expect to study the original writings of Freud as well as a variety of current views and controversies within psychoanalysis. The courses offered reflect the current heterogeneity of theory and practice in psychoanalysis. They include recent theories regarding psychological development, the effects of trauma and the role of affect, as well as contemporary models of the psychology of men and women. MPC disavows any orthodoxy and welcomes all significant viewpoints in psychoanalysis.

The program in psychoanalysis is based on the tripartite model of psychoanalytic education and features experiences of 1) a personal analysis, 2) supervision on treatment cases, and 3) coursework in theory and technique. Courses are offered in Ann Arbor, East Lansing and elsewhere.

The Training and Certification Committee

The educational programs of MPC are directed and administered by its Training and Certification Committee. The function of the Training and Certification Committee is to further the objectives of MPC, which are as follows:

  • The study of psychoanalysis;
  • The enhancement of public and scientific interest in psychoanalysis;
  • The support of educational and research programs in psychoanalysis;
  • The establishment of standards and the certification of qualified individuals in psychoanalysis;
  • The establishment of educational programs to train qualified individuals in psychoanalysis, and to award them certificates upon graduation;
  • The establishment of collaborative relations with other organizations with similar interests;
  • The maintenance of a nondiscriminatory policy regarding age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation in membership and training;
  • And any additional objectives that the Counsel may pursue.

The Chair and members of the Training and Certification Committee are:

Training and Certification: Robert Hooberman, Ph.D.


Vice-President for Certification: Ruth Rosenthal, Ph.D.


            Adult Psychoanalysis: Robert Hooberman, Ph.D.


            Child Psychoanalysis:Ira Schaer, Ph.D.


            Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Peter Wood, LMSW


Mary Anderson, Ph.D., and Cynthia Hockett, Ph.D, Candidate Representatives*

Jerrold Brandell, Ph.D.

Diane Burgermeister, Ph.D-registrar

Pamela Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.

Brenda Lovegrove Lepisto, Psy.D.-ex-officio

Ruth Rosenthal, Ph.D.-Vice-President for Certification

Ira Schaer, Ph.D.

Lynne Tenbusch, Ph.D.

*Note:  Candidate representatives do not participate in the evaluation of applicants or candidates.

For Application Forms for the Adult Psychoanalysis Program, Contact:

Robert Hooberman, Ph.D

(734) 663-7588


For Application Forms for the Child Psychoanalysis Program, Contact:

Ira Schaer: Ph.D.

(248) 299-6030