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Welcome to the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council!
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MPC Announcements

Posted 5/22/2006 - 2006-2007 Courses
Register now for the 2006-2007 courses! 
Register by August 1 and save yourself the late fee.
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 Posted 7/17/2006 - Community Development Courses - 2006 - 2007

Community Development Courses for the next academic year include
Child Therapy, Trauma and Addiction, Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice and Shame
Click here for the full line-up.

Current Discussion Paper: Four Modes of Listening in Psychotherapy
Author: David B. Klein, Ph.D.      Click here to read the full version.


David B. Klein, Ph.D.

As our patients speak, how do we listen? For what are we listening? These are important questions, for our primary activity in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is listening to the patient. We probably spend more time listening than performing any other therapeutic function. More important than the amount of time spent, however, is the fact that our spoken interventions, which are of undisputed import, in many ways flow from our listening. And our formulations, which often are created outside the sessions and constitute our overarching understanding of the patient, are also based on what we have heard as list..."