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MPC Regional Study Group Roster - 2001


Ann Arbor

Leader: Murray Meisels, Ph.D.

Focus: Varies; see below

Phone: 734-662-0884

Time: First Thursday, monthly, 9:15-10:45AM

Place: 328 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor.

This group has been meeting for two years with four active members:

Murray Meisels, Ph.D.
Hugh McPherson, MSW
Gail van Langer, Ph.D.
Vania Rasche, Ph.D.

Topic issues are decided upon week to week, with a focus on clinical work and experience of being a therapist in an unhurried, uncluttered manner. There is a level of comfort, intensity, self-revelation that is productive for the members.

                           *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *

Leader: Karen Baker, MSW

Focus: Gender and Sexuality Issues

Phone: 734-996-8185

Time: Fourth Friday, monthly, 10:30-12N, beginning February 23, 2001

Place: 410 E. William St., Ann Arbor



Leader: Franklin Sollars, Ph.D.

Focus: Analytic cases and papers; see below

Phone: 248-646-9322

Time: First Monday, monthly, 7-8:45PM

Place: 725 South Adams, Birmingham

This is a core group with some members attending intermittently. The group began by studying analytic papers, but finds that getting feedback about cases is the most exciting and productive for them.

                        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *

Leader: Margaret Zerba, Ph.D.

Focus: Affect and Trauma

Phone: 248-547-0389

Time: Second Saturday, monthly,  10:30-12N

Place: 725 South Adams, Suite 270, Birmingham

We are reading a wide variety of authors including Krystal, Shengold, Terr, Stern and others.  We use clinical material for the purpose of illuminating concepts and technique. The group is open to new members.

                        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *        *         *


Contact Person: Margaret Zerba, Ph.D.

Focus: Developmental Study Group

Phone: 248-547-0389

Time: Saturdays (specific dates are arranged by participants and will be posted here)

Next Meeting: September 8, 2001, 2 p.m.

Place: Varies; the September meeting will be held in Lansing.

We study human development on all levels, i.e. emotional, cognitive, and physiological, from pre-parenthood through the entire life span.

The group will meet quarterly with Mrs. Erna Furman of the Hanna Perkins School in Cleveland.  The first such meeting will be on September 21, 2001, at the Hanna Perkins School.  Members may stay over for the annual day-long conference at the Hanna Perkins School on September 22. This year's topic will be "Children's Aggression."

Please address inquiries for participation in this group to the contact person.


Grand Rapids

Focus: Varies; see below

Contact Person: Arlene Oosting, MSW

Phone: 616-827-9298

This group has been meeting for several years, have agreed on things they want to talk about and have developed a notebook of related materials at a cost of $12. Meeting times and places vary to accommodate members and share responsibilities. This approach seems to allow members consistent attendance. New members at the discretion of the group.



Leader: Nicki Biederman, CSW

Focus: Case presentation

Place:  305 W. Walnut Street,  Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Phone: 616-344-9355

This group meets one Sunday per month at 1PM at Ms. Biedermans office. Typically one of the members presents a case. Readings are disseminated prior to meetings.


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